Glebe Spree 2023 Early Bird Announcement - The Glebe BIA

Glebe Spree 2023 Early Bird Announcement

March 12, 2024

In a community like the Glebe, where local businesses thrive and residents cherish their neighborhood, being part of events like Glebe Spree isn't just about winning prizes—it's about celebrating community spirit and supporting local commerce. Lisa Weinberger has emerged as the early-bird winner of Glebe Spree 2023. With a rich history as a Glebe resident, Lisa's win serves as a testament to the enduring bond between residents and local businesses in this vibrant neighborhood.

A resident of the Glebe for 38 years until 2023, Lisa Weinberger has been deeply ingrained in the fabric of this vibrant neighborhood. When asked about her feelings upon learning of her early-bird win, Lisa expressed both joy and sentimentality. Moving out of the neighborhood last year after residing there for nearly four decades, winning the Glebe Spree felt like a heartfelt parting gift—a fitting farewell to a place she called home for so long.

Lisa's winning ballot was drawn at Free Form Fitness, where she has trained with her personal trainer, Patrick, for several years. Daniel Moses, the manager at Free Form Fitness, shared insights into the essence of the Glebe and the significance of supporting local businesses. “The vibe in the Glebe is like no other community” he states, “It's a small town in a large city. Everyone knows each other, says hi and is genuinely happy living/working there. They either walk or ride their bikes into our studio ready to conquer their workout and take on the rest of their lives. It's been a joy to witness the growth in the community and being a staple here.”

For Lisa, ‘supporting local’ means “supporting businesses that support the community.” She understands the symbiotic relationship between residents and businesses, recognizing that supporting local enterprises ultimately strengthens the community as a whole.

As for her plans with the $2,500 shopping spree prize, Lisa remains open-minded. With her frequent visits to the neighbourhood, she knows she'll have ample opportunities to explore and invest in local businesses, ensuring that her winnings benefit the community she holds dear.

Reflecting on Lisa's win, it's evident that her story encapsulates the essence of Glebe Spree—a celebration of community, support for local businesses, and the joy of belonging to a neighborhood that feels like home.

Many thanks again to our title sponsor of Glebe Spree, McKeen Metro Glebe. We’d also like to thank all our participating merchants, our Any Day Prize participants, and every single member of the Glebe and beyond who play along every season and make Glebe Spree a continued success year after year.