Celebrating the 2023 Glebe Spree Winner: A Community-Driven Triumph - The Glebe BIA

Celebrating the 2023 Glebe Spree Winner: A Community-Driven Triumph

March 7, 2024

After much anticipation, The Glebe BIA is thrilled to introduce the 2023 Glebe Spree Winners! Long-time Glebe residents Andrew Balfour and Barbara Steele are set to embark on a spectacular $10,000 shopping spree in the heart of The Glebe. As dedicated supporters of local businesses, the couple is very excited and grateful for this unexpected win, “It’s a great community initiative and a wonderful surprise to win. Thank you to all the merchants and the BIA” says Andrew.

Glebe Spree has become a holiday staple in the community, encouraging Ottawans to support local businesses during the month of December. For every $150 spent in the Glebe, participants can submit one ballot. In 2022, Glebe Spree saw 23,000 ballot entries, an equivalent of $3.4 million spent at Glebe businesses! Although the official ballot count for 2023 is not yet available, The Glebe BIA Programs and Events Manager, Chloe Park, expects the numbers to be even bigger this year. “We love seeing such high participation levels in Glebe Spree through the ballot entries, as it shows an engagement of not only Ottawa residents but also of our beloved local businesses,” says Park. “It really creates a sense of community within the Glebe.”

This year’s winning ballot was drawn at The Glebe Meat Market, a business Andrew and Barbara have been patronizing for decades. Andrew expressed his admiration for the personal service and high-quality, locally sourced meat provided by Steph and the staff. “When we host family or friends for dinner, the meat is always a highlight,” he added.

The Glebe, often described as a small town within a big city, holds a special place in the couple’s hearts. They know many of their neighbours just as well as the merchants in the area. From Dan at Metro Music to Tori at The Rowan, Caren at Von’s Bistro to Nabil at PC Perfect, Andrew and Barbara have established connections with the local businesses that make The Glebe a true community. “There are so many great shops and services in The Glebe” Andrew remarks, “really, everything we need and want is pretty much here.”

For Andrew, the winnings mean more opportunities to enjoy barbecues with quality meat from Glebe Meat Market, and perhaps some extra shopping at Glebe Trotters, Top of the World, or Stomping Ground. Barbara, on the other hand, has her eye on new glasses from Eyes in The Glebe and, of course, groceries to accompany the anticipated barbecues.

Darrell Cox, the Glebe BIA Executive Director, highlighted the significant impact of Glebe Spree on the local business community. “Since its inception in 2011, the Glebe Spree has generated over $43M in total spending, providing a huge economic boost to our retailers and restaurants,” he stated. The local couple’s win exemplifies the contest’s success in fostering community engagement and supporting local businesses. As Andrew and Barbara embark on their $10,000 shopping spree adventure, The Glebe community eagerly anticipates the positive impact their winnings will bring to local businesses. Glebe Spree continues to shine as a beacon of community spirit, encouraging residents to support and celebrate the unique charm of The Glebe.

Many thanks again to our title sponsor of Glebe Spree, McKeen Metro Glebe. We’d also like to thank all our participating merchants, our Any Day Prize participants, and every single member of the Glebe and beyond who play along every season and make Glebe Spree a continued success year after year.