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Knifewear’s fall garage sale is happening from November 5-11.

Over the years the event has grown to be legendary amongst chefs and knife aficionados.

The items at the Garage Sale are all the items that our owner, Kevin Kent, pick’s up on his trips to Japan. He buys prototypes, one of a kind knives, retired sample knives, and unique things Kevin finds.

We never know what we are getting exactly until right before the sale, but here is an incomplete list of items we hope to get in:

  • The world-famous Shosui Takeda, maker of knives of unparalleled thinness and quality, have sent us some special hunting knives sporting one-of-a-kind handles of various materials.
  • Natural Japanese sharpening stones, coveted by knife sharpening enthusiasts for the beautiful finish they impart on their knives, are available for great prices not usually possible in North America.
  • New blacksmith alert! Mazaki-san is from Sanjo, a city well known for handmade knives of high quality. His workshop began production less than a year ago, but his apprenticeship at 100-year-old, 4th-generation knife making company Yoshikane has lent him skills that are undeniably awesome.
  • Shop favourite Masashi Yamamoto has a new line of knives, SLD Black Damascus. It has a mirror polished damascus bevel with a black (not acid-etched) finished upper. These must be seen to be believed.
  • A awesome selection of Japanese gardening tools.
  • Some cood Tadafusa old stock, they found in their warehouse, that is killer cheap.
  • As always we will have retired demo knives, final items from lines no longer available and various intriguing cooking supplies from Japan.

It’s our favourite way to bring great knives at great prices to chefs. It’s also a nice thank you to our best customers. And it’s a great way to introduce new customers to our knives and shop!


Date & Time
November 5, 2018 at 8:00 am
November 11, 2018 at 5:00 pm
800 Bank Street , Ottawa k1S 3V7
800 Bank Street
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