The Unrefined Olive - The Glebe BIA

The Unrefined Olive

Come in to our store and taste from over 60 Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, aged Balsamic Vinegars, flavour fused and infused olive oils, and specialty oils. We carry the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oils available from some of the finest single estate producers in the world. Our Balsamic Vinegars have all been aged minimum 12 years and are from Modena, Italy.

We are a proud member of the Ottawa community and offer a variety of locally produced products such as pickles, preserves, jams, spice blends, chocolate and chutneys to meet all of your culinary needs.

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by our pleasant and knowledgeable staff into an experience of the senses. Make your way to The Unrefined Olive and let your taste be the judge! The Unrefined Olive is Ottawa’s first Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Bar. We provide personalized customer service and offer recommendations on pairings, uses, and recipes. To guide you through the olive oils we provide the countries of origin, crush dates, intensity, chemistry, and tasting notes. We provide both dark and white Balsamic Vinegars from Modena, Italy each one carefully aged up to twelve years or more. We also have specialty oils such as truffle, roasted pumpkin seed, butternut squash seed, and local sunflower.

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