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The Ultimate Glebe Mural Walk

June 30, 2023

The Glebe has a beautiful array of murals painted by talented artists, and they’re all within walking distance of each other! Spend an afternoon this summer walking the neighbourhood admiring the art with the above mural map. This route will take approximately 30 minutes and will take you past all the beautiful murals in the Glebe, allowing time for stops at coffee shops, bakeries, or a meal if you’d like. If you have a bit more time on your hands and want a longer walk, we also have the extended route available which will take you all the way up to Pretoria Ave! 

1: Our first stop is at Lansdowne Park, titled Peace Flowers by artist Tom Cech. Located in the pedestrian alley connecting Holmwood Ave and Marché Way, this private mural was commissioned by the Embassy of Belgium in Canada in 2021.     







Alternate starting route: If you are coming from downtown Ottawa, or North Bank Street, you can begin at number 11 and do a reverse route instead, going down to 17, crossing the street and going back up to finish at number 10. 

2: Next, you’ll see an untitled mural by Dominic Laporte at 915 Bank Street, located on the south facing wall of The Rowan restaurant.  







As you continue to walk down Bank Street, you’ll come across a beautiful floral mural painted by Daniel Martelock on the south facing wall of
Margarita at 895 Bank Street.







Wild Growth by Roll Her Sleeves is our fourth stop. Attached to Wild Oat Bakery at 819 Bank Street, this mural is a great place to grab a baked good as a snack! Wild Oat offers delicious handmade pastries and goods including vegan, gluten-free, and fruit sweetened options! 









5: Next up is Glebe’s Garden by Dan Metcalfe and Pat Buck. It’s located at 809 Bank Street, attached to The Good Cannabis Company. 






6: Up next is
Flying Over by Dan Metcalfe at 801 Bank Street, attached to Little Victories Coffee Roasters. Little Victories is a great spot to grab a caffeine hit for the walk! 





Our seventh stop is
Redhead Republic by Golbon Motalji, located above JD Adam Kitchen Co, 795 Bank Street. 







Bench View by Ryan Smeeton is our next stop. Located at 749 Bank Street, at Cantina Gia, this is a great spot to grab lunch if you're in the mood for authentic Southern Italian food.  





If you’re doing the regular route, then you can cross the street and skip right to number 13! If you decide to do the extended route, then continue down the street and head to number 9. 

9: Next is Pollinator Power by Emilie Darlington. This mural is featured on a Bell electrical box on the corner of Bank Street and Patterson Ave and is our newest mural in the Glebe. Enjoy this mural from Bank Street or grab a picnic and enjoy it from Patterson Creek Park! 









10: Our next mural is Free Solo by Dominic Laporte at 591 Bank Street, attached to Studio B Hair Salon







11: Just a bit down the road is our next stop, Plants Make People Happy, by Kasia Niton. This mural is at 581 Bank Street, on the side of Top of the World skateboard shop. 







Cross the street and head to our next mural,
Groovy Glebe by Jocelyn Galipeau, located at 578 Bank Street, at Reliable Parts.  






Those doing the regular route will rejoin here. 

13: Number 13 on our list is Morning Glory by Roll Her Sleeves. This mural is located at 750 Bank Street, at Bridgehead Coffee. Bridgehead is a great spot to grab a beverage, with excellent chai lattes, and iced drinks.  






Our next mural is on the west-facing wall of the
Hair on Second building, at 166 Second Ave. Number fourteen is Breathe Over by Jocelyn Galipeau, and even though it’s a little hidden from the main road, this stunning mural is sure to take your breath away!.  






Not far from number 14 is
Create a Spark by Dan Metcalfe, located at Davidson’s Jewellers at 790 Bank Street.  







Just steps away is
Wild Read by Vertigo (Santiago Castro, Sebastian Garcia, and Camilo Fidel Lopez) at Il Negozio Nicastro. Il Negozio Nicastro is a great deli spot to get something to eat, which you can enjoy on the seated patio at the corner of Bank and Third! 







17: Nature Entwined by Dominic Laporte is located at 116 Third Ave, attached to Octopus Books. Octopus Books is a great place to find some amazing literature! 







: Last but not least is The Start of a Fable by Mique Michelle at 802 Bank Street, attached to Shoe + Shoe. You can get a great view of it from the Fourth Avenue Baptiste Church parkette, which has benches, shady trees, and is a great spot to rest after your long walk! 






A couple of honorary mentions that you might have noticed along your walk! Mad Radish has installed a branded mural on their south facing wall (859 Bank Street) which includes imagery of cute radishes and encourages healthy eating. Another branded mural has been installed on both north and south-facing walls of Kunstadt (680 Bank Street) which includes imagery of outdoor activities!