Thr33's Co. Snack Bar - The Glebe BIA

Thr33’s Co. Snack Bar

Thr33’s Company Snack Bar is a hangout that speaks to the pride we all share for our awesome city of Ottawa through food and drink. Using globally inspired concepts and bringing it all together with local ingredients, we are excited to show you the love we have for Ottawa. With a combined 50+ years’ experience Tam, Ian and Tyler are “Thr33” guys who’ve played a part in the city’s bar and culinary scene over the past decade.

Our concept is small plates at nice prices. To be amongst friends, with a table full of food and drink, while bringing the conversation back. Ottawa is a city of diversity, a quality we are proud of and want to showcase through our Snax, great local beers, fun cocktails and above all else, a great time.

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