Fred Astaire Dance Studio - The Glebe BIA

Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Fred Astaire Dance Studios Canada offers the best dance instruction in North America.
We focus on the basics of dancing, and helping you transition into a comfortable, social dancer. Feel better on the dance floor, dancing your way to a better lifestyle and a healthy heart.
We offer classes in various dance styles, as well as instruction for special events like weddings, cruises, and more. We’ll work to plan the right program for you! Since opening, Fred Astaire Dance Studios have been a benchmark for initiating the most consumer friendly dance instructional guidelines in the world. We who carry the trade name Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios are immensely proud to do so. We have an obligation to uphold the fine reputation of the master dancer in everything we do, from the moment you walk through our door for the first time, until you leave as a better dancer. One of our slogans is “Fred Astaire Dance Studios – The happiest, friendliest place in town” and this would not be possible without our wonderful students at each and every studio while engaging in a pleasing, beneficial activity..Dancing!

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