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Businesses in the Glebe for Over 50 Years

August 4, 2023

The Glebe neighbourhood has a rich history, spanning back to the 1800’s. Throughout the years, it has evolved into a vibrant neighbourhood, preserving its historic charm while accommodating modern developments. The area is also home to many iconic shops and businesses that have been open for generations. We’ve compiled a list of businesses which have existed here in the Glebe for over 50 years and provided a backstory for each one.

  • Ernesto’s Barber Shop
    • Ernesto Falbo opened Ernesto’s Barber Shop in 1970, just three years after emigrating to Canada from Italy. He purchased it from Martella Barber Shop at 887 Bank Street and owned the business until 2013. After selling Ernesto’s Barber Shop in 2013, Ernesto continued to stay on and work until his retirement in 2018. To this day, Ernesto’s Barber Shop has continued to serve customers of the Glebe at the same location for 53 years.
  •  Randall’s Paints 
    • Randall’s opened as a paint store in 1948 by Percy Randall.  Since then, it has continued to be a family-owned business here in the Glebe, now owned by Marc Pilon. Randall’s has expanded from a paint store into a complete home improvement store, specializing in quality customer service.  
  • Davidson’s Jewellers 
    • Davidson’s Jewellers was opened in the Glebe in 1939 by Eastman Davidson. The original location had $40 rent and was considered a risky move as the Glebe was firmly out of the city centre at the time. In 1964 Davidson’s Jewellers moved to its current location on Bank and Third, where it has continued to serve their customers since. Davidson’s has since won several awards, including Small Business of the Year in 1999 and Best Jeweller in 1997.
  • Metro McKeen
    • In 1910, James McKeen built a grocery store and butcher shop at 901 Bank Street. In 1955 Harold McKeen, son of James McKeen, opened McKeen IGA at 754 Bank Street. The business remains in the McKeen family to this day, currently operated by Rebecca McKeen. They pride themselves on their offerings of local goods and organic products.
  • Glebe Meat Market  
    • The Glebe Meat Market has existed in the Glebe since 1920. Upon its opening, it was originally located at 793 Bank Street. It later moved to 869 Bank Street, where it remains open today. The Glebe Meat Market is owned and operated by Stephane Sauve, who proudly serves the community with fresh, and high-quality meats and goods.
  • Metro Music   
    • Bob Sabourin opened a music shop called Professional Guitar Studios on April 1st, 1960, at 695 Bank Street. In 1965, Bob and his wife Christine renamed the Studio to Metro Music. While the store has evolved from the guitar studio it began as to a music store offering many goods, the focus remains on guitars and instruction. The shop is currently run by Bob and Christine’s daughter, Danielle Sabourin.  

These businesses have established themselves as an important part of the history of the Glebe. To read more about the Glebe and its history, check out our blog History of the Glebe.