An Ode to the Glebe - The Glebe BIA

An Ode to the Glebe

December 15, 2022

As you hike out in the snow, full of determination and bravery,
Don’t forget your Christmas cards from the one and only Papery.

Wear your warmest gloves and your finest tunic,
While searching the endless aisles of Compact Music.

Looking for a feast that’ll keep your family happy and budget on target?
Shop the wonders and choices of the Glebe Meat Market.

Not sure where stylish mens apparel can be found?
Why of course at our very own Stomping Ground.

This holiday step up your skincare routine before each siesta,
And grab some nighttime skin care from Oresta.

Sing Christmas carols and belt out fa la la,
On your way to a gorgeous new ‘fit from viens avec moi.

A gift for our families and special some ones?
Jewelry-a-plenty from gorgeous Davidsons.

For your outdoorsy friend, maybe new snowpants or a hat.
You’ll find everything you need from the Glebe’s Kunstadt.

The sugarplum fairies danced and swirled,
Probably because they have a fresh pair of kicks from Top of the World.

Sick of candy canes and ice cream cones?
Grab the finest salted caramels from Penelope Jones.

Looking for a shop to give mom all the excitement and feels?
Get her what she really wants, a trip to Bloomfields!

A gift to help us get back to our pre-holiday bodies?
A personalized class from our own Glebe Pilates.

And don’t forget to swing by JD Adam,
For a home furnishing for any sir or madam.

Happy Holidays from all of us in the Glebe,
And remember to shop local, for your Christmas good deed!