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2022 Glebe Spree Winner Crowned

February 1, 2023

Michael Scrivens has been participating in Glebe Spree for 11 years now, since the 2011 inception. That dedication paid off for him big time this January, when his ballot was picked from tens of thousands to make him the big winner this season. 

We asked Scrivens to name some of his favourite Glebe spots and he eagerly came up quite a list including: McKeen Metro, Il Negozio Nicastro’s, The Unrefined Olive, Cantina Gia, Home Hardware Store, The Rowan, Feleena’s Mexican Cantina, Irene’s Pub, Wild Oat, Avenue Lock, Glebe Central Pub, Knifewear, Bloomfields, Kunstadt Sports, The Papery, Von’s Bistro, Eddy’s Diner, Glebe Trotters, Mane Collective, and Glebe Meat Market. 

“Glebe Spree is such a community-driven event,” says Patrick Burke, the Glebe BIA Executive Director. “It’s fun to meet people in the neighborhood talking about the local businesses they love, and where they’ve entered their ballots. There is a shared excitement that is unique to the Glebe and it’s a pleasure to be a part of”. 

Where was Scrivens shopping and what did he buy when dropping off his winning ballot you ask? A quesadilla from Feleena’s Mexican Cantina! When asked if he has any tricks for winning, he said, “get involved. Collect your ballots and support your community.” 

“On behalf of Feleena’s we are delighted to congratulate Mike on this year's win. We always look forward to participating in the Glebe Spree each year. It’s a wonderful way to bring the local community together!” said Ann McGarry, owner of Feleena’s Cantina   

Glebe Spree is a popular holiday contest brought to you by the Glebe BIA. It encourages participants to support the fantastic local businesses in our neighbourhood. For every $150 spent in the Glebe, participants can submit one ballot. In 2022, there were 30 Any Day Prizes of $100 gift cards to Glebe businesses given out, with a $2,500 Early Bird Prize and of course, our $10,000 Grand Prize. 

“Glebe Spree is a wonderful event that encourages people to shop local each holiday season,” said Rebecca McKeen, owner of Glebe Spree’s Title Sponsor, McKeen Metro Glebe. “It’s very much in line with our commitment to the Glebe community and we were happy to help support it this year.” McKeen Metro is thrilled to congratulate Mike on his win. 

Many thanks again to our title sponsor of Glebe Spree, McKeen Metro Glebe. We’d also like to thank all our participating merchants, our Any Day Prize participants, RBC Royal Bank, Mediaplus, and every single member of the Glebe and beyond who play along every season and make Glebe Spree a continued success year after year. 

[caption id="attachment_39090" align="alignnone" width="1130"] L-R: Patrick Burke - Glebe BIA Executive Director, Michael Scrivens, Rebecca McKeen - Owner of McKeen Metro[/caption]