September 21, 2016
by glebeadmin

A partnership between the Glebe BIA and CityFolk, Marvest lets you catch great local bands playing up and down Bank Street — everywhere from bike shops to hair salons. Shows are all free, with special offerings for kids and families.

2016 LineupMarvest_White_Outlines

Friday, September 16

Clocktower Brew Pub

9:00 pm: Future States
10:15 pm: Average Times
11:15 pm: Telecomo

FarmTeam Cookhouse

8:20 pm: William Lamoureux
9:40 pm: Tribe Royal
10:45 pm: Claude Munson

Irene’s Pub

9:30 pm: The Reverb Syndicate
10:30 pm: Harea band
11:30 pm: St. Stephen’s

The Papery

6:00 pm: Kelsey Hayes
7:00 pm: Dylan Phillips

The Unrefined Olive

8:30 pm: The Tackies
9:30 pm: The Stringers
10:30 pm: Dear Blackwolf

Wild Oat

9:00 pm: Atherton
10:00 pm: Jesse Dangerously
11:00 pm: Buck-n-Nice

757 Bank Street

9:00 pm: Julie Corrigan
10:00 pm: The Monroe Sisters

Saturday, September 17

Aroma Espresso Bar

1:45 pm: Braden Folks
2:50 pm: Tony Turner

Wild Oat

1:30 pm: Kilmanjaro
2:30 pm: Valois
3:30 pm: Pony Girl

Capital Barber Shop

1:00 pm: The True Man Show
3:00 pm: Braden Folks

Lindt Chocolate Shop

1:00 pm: David daCosta
3:15 pm: Dylan Phillips

BMO at Lansdowne
2:30 pm: Kelsey Hayes

Irene’s Pub

1:00 pm: Angelique Francis
2:00 pm: Ty Hall
3:00 pm: The John Punch Band
10:30 pm: Old Man Grant
11:30 pm: Hat Fitz and Cara

FarmTeam Cookhouse

2:30 pm: The Kissin’ Cousins
3:25 pm: The Rifle & the Writer
8:20 pm: Brandon Allan
9:40 pm: Lynne Hanson

Whole Foods Market

6:00 pm: The Kissin’ cousins
7:00 pm: The True Man Show

Stomping Ground
8:00 pm: DJ Acro

757 Bank Street

9:00 pm: Winchester Warm
10:00 pm: Eru-Era

Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe

9:00 pm: Lovegood
10:15 pm: How far to mexico
11:15 pm: Saint Clare

The Unrefined Olive

8:30 pm: City fidelia
9:30 pm Cody Coyote
10:30 pm: Yao

Metro Music

1:45 pm: The Rifle & The Writer
3:50 pm: Tony Turner

Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s

2:15 pm: Dylan Phillips
3:45 pm: David daCosta












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