The Art of Memory

A good memory is not exclusive to a lucky few, anyone can use memory training to develop their full potential.

Do you have trouble remembering the names of people you have just met? Do you struggle to recall dates, facts or phone numbers? if you do, then the Art of Memory is for you. GNAG is pleased to present this special workshop on memory training with renowned mindreader Jaymes White. Jaymes has appeared on CBC, CTV News, and Rogers, and his live shows continue to astound audiences across the country. In addition to teaching at various universities, Jaymes also trains law enforcement officials, detectives, and business leaders on observation, memory, and handwriting analysis. Jaymes will provide participants of the workshop with a fresh insight into the hidden powers of the human mind. Memory training is an essential tool for professional and personal development, why struggle when you don’t have to?

Dance Show

The Dance Show will take place on Thursday, March 21 in the Main Hall of The Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG), located at 175 Third Avenue, at the corner of Lyon and Third.

Admission is FREE! Get inspired! Join us for an evening of great dance shows!

Performances by Emilie’s adult classes (winter session). Hip Hop Level 2, Reggaeton, Sass Level 2, Dancehall Funk Level 1, Dancehall Funk Level 2, Street Dance Level 2, Street Dance Level 3, Burlesque Level 1 and BPM Dance Troupe!

After Party at P&Q Glebe, located at 779 Bank Street, near Bank and Second Avenue. It’s a 5-minute walk from GNAG. Wear comfortable shoes and expect lots of dancing!

Beer & Bites

Join us for an entertaining and social evening that features a four-course “Beer & Bites” that showcases four beers of a variety of styles. Your meal will be freshly prepared with local ingredients and each course is matched by a specially selected beer whose flavors compliment the food.

Not to be missed, grab some friends and head over a perfect evening.

Menu and Beer Pairings: what a steal at $70!

Menu TBD

March 7, 7 pm – 9 pm

Valentine’s Dance Workshop With Emilie

Treat yourself to a fun Burlesque chair workshop!

Tap into your sexy, glamorous, bombshell YOU! Burlesque embraces all body types; it doesn’t matter what size you are – or what your age is; it’s about taking a bold step and trying something new!

Wear something comfortable that makes you feel sassy and inspired. Heels are fun, but not mandatory.

Broadway Workout

5-6-7-8!Broadway Workout is a brand new dance-based fitness class for musical theater enthusiasts of any skill level. Learning choreography is great for mental and physical agility and is a ton of fun. At Broadway Workout you will work up a sweat while learning original choreography to a popular Broadway song. It’s a totally fun and unique way to workout.Beginners welcome. No experience necessary.


Our class led by the fabulous Dani Bone-Corbishley. She is a performer, choreographer and director at Suzart Productions.

Dani has been choreographing for community musical theatre and choirs in Ottawa for ten years. She teaches dance workshops, camps and classes for all ages and abilities. No matter if she’s working with children or adults, experienced or novice dancers, graceful or movementally challenged, her focus is on cooperation and fun! She develops fun and engaging choreography that targets muscle groups for overall wellness.

“Super fun, no worries about doing it right, just [had] a good time getting my sweat on.” — Participant feedback

Taste in the Glebe

Taste in the Glebe is a high point on the local food and drink calendar, recognized throughout Ottawa as one of year’s best cocktail parties. This year, the 21st edition of Taste in the Glebe will take place Thursday, January 17, 2019 from 6:00–8:30 pm.

The event is also a crucial annual fundraiser for GNAG. The monies raised go to our Community Development Fund (CDF) which subsidizes families across Ottawa so they can participate in GNAG’s many recreational, social and cultural activities. The CDF also provides for capital and community projects. Our Integration Support Program (ISP) has largely been funded by the CDF and provides one-on-one help for kids with special needs to attend our programs and camps.

Main Event Ticket SOLD OUT: Please call 613-233-8713 to be placed on a waitlist: $70
Premier Tutored Tasting SOLD OUT: Please call 613-233-8713 to be placed on a waitlist: $115

End-of-Year Bash (Youth Dance)

Celebrate the end of the year with all your friends before the summer!!!

Tickets on sale now at the Glebe CC from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Cash only

Supper club @ 6:30.