Octopus Books Community Classroom: Challenges Facing Violence Against Women Shelters In Canada

This community classroom will explore the roles that violence against women shelters and transition houses play across Canada. Three local Ottawa women’s shelters will talk about the wide range of services they provide as well as the challenges they face in order to provide those services to women and children escaping violence. Women’s Shelters Canada will offer a national perspective on these issues, as well as explaining the need for a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women.

Speakers will be representatives from Women’s Shelter Canada, Interval House of Ottawa, Maison d’amitié, and Minwaashin Lodge.

7 PM
Wednesday, Nov. 13 2018
@ 25One Community
(251 Bank St. 2nd floor)

Registration: $10

Please register online or in person at the store (116 Third Ave.) by Nov. 13.

Space is limited!