The Glebe Apothecary

We are the Glebe's original neighborhood drug store. The dedication of our pharmacists paired with our promise to meet patients' needs ensures that everyone in our community is living well and feeling their best!

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We have been meeting the unique compounding needs of children, adults and domestic pets for 25 years. Bio-identical hormone compounding is one of our busiest areas of compounding and has been for many years. In every field of medicine, there are some patients who don't respond to traditional methods of treatment. Sometimes they need medicine at strengths that are not manufactured by drug companies, or perhaps they simply need a different method of ingesting a medication. Pharmaceutical compounding meets these needs. It provides a way for physicians and compounding pharmacists to customize an individualized prescription for the specific need of their patient. From combining multiple medications into a single convenient dosage for hospice patients to delivering children's cough medicine through a flavoured medication, compounding provides solutions not easily met by commercial products.


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