Martina Flekalova Pilates Studio

MARTINA FLEKALOVA'S PROGRESSIVE PILATES TECHNIQUE, as a part of the Method of Corrective Exercises and Physical Education, was developed during the past decade by Martina Flekalova in the Czech Republic. Based on Martina's scientific studies, experimentation, research and experience in Physical Education Medicine and Corrective Exercises, (Technique of Corrective Exercises focuses primarily on the body's structural aspects, such as muscles, joints, posture and functional movements.) , it is a modern approach to Pilates. Martina's Progressive Pilates is based on the concept of a Complete Body Workout, which develops and conditions the muscular, respiratory, circulatory, nervous and digestive system. It is a New Progressive Style from Europe influenced by philosophy of Josef Hubertus Pilates and his 34 original mat exercises.

Why you'll love us

Martina Flekalova has spent over ten years motivating people and helping them become active. She is the owner and program director of the studio. As a sports therapy specialist and physical education teacher, Martina is dedicated to teaching fitness and to developing innovative, enjoyable and effective fitness programs. As a leading fitness professional, she practices a range of fitness regimes and she is continually teaching a series of workshops, seminars and courses. She is also training new teachers so they can bring the philosophy of her fitness method to as many people as possible.

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