Delilah: Where being, is being happy! Delilah is situated at 791 Bank St. and we are entering our 6th year in business. Our store has the privilege and pleasure of welcoming customers and offering women of all ages an array of unique, fashion forward quality clothing and footwear that embraces all seasons. Our passion for clothing emanates from years of being in the public, learning about people, and really understanding what people need and what people want. As society evolves and we navigate through the many transformations in fashion, in technology, in how people shop, one thing has remained constant: people are looking for happiness. People want to be happy in their personal lives, in their family lives, and in their relationships. It is on this very concept that we have shaped the vision for Delilah: Where being, is being happy.

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You will love our shop if you enjoy well made and fashion forward clothing & footwear. We are always looking to 'wow' you and we are continuously working with you to create a wardrobe that makes sense. Our team wants you to love your clothing and footwear - we want you to feel beautiful and confidant in what you wear. We are not just an ordinary clothing store - we care about your happiness and we enjoy becoming friends with our customers. We look forward to meeting you.


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