Arborus Consulting

Arborus Consulting works with stakeholders, architects and design engineers to develop the most appropriate energy strategies to suit the project. Whether it is the design of a new building, renovation to existing or generating energy on-site, effective energy strategies require an in-depth knowledge of the relationships between the building envelope, indoor environmental quality and energy requirements. Arborus consultants have been working with the built environment for over twenty years; we understand these relationships and the integration process for successful implementation. We bring the rigors of facility design engineering to the integration of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies into the built environment.

Why you'll love us

Arborus Consulting was born out of f.s. Matrix Engineering. Since 1997, f.s. Matrix has carried out business in the field of Consulting Engineering. Wherever possible, we have incorporated the most energy responsible design solutions into a "conventional" project arena. This has been our underlying philosophy since we entered into the facility design industry in 1982. Fast forward to 2004; with a respectable portfolio in building systems efficiency and renewable energy under our belt, it was time to bring our sustainable design efforts to the forefront of our engineering services. The tree connotation with "arbor" is no accident. As energy efficiency is important to the environment, trees are important to our society. Trees improve air and water quality, enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity, reduce heat loading from the sun, provide the most widely used building material and a sustainable biomass resource. Arborus Consulting is committed to the efforts for a sustainable future.


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