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Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park
map-icon 1525 Princess Patricia Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3

After two fantastic events we are settling in to our semi-annual Beer & Analytics event – what’s better than Beer AND Analytics right?!

For those who attended last year or in May this year you’ll know what an amazing networking opportunity the event was – please invite your colleagues for a team event. On top of great food and drinks you’ll be learning about best-in-class analytics – including AI that’s actually out of the lab. One major improvement will be the Audio in the room – more details later.

5:00-5:30 Registration

5:30-6:00 LinkedIn Meetup Networking, Beer and Food

6:00-6:25 DataRobot: Find out why everyone is talking about DataRobot – Brett Olmstead

6:25-6:50 Passage AI: Conversational AI that’s personable – Ravi Raj, CEO and Co-Founder

6:50-7:15 Bronson Analytics: Predicting and visualizing how Ottawa’s OC Transpo Light Rail is changing our daily commute forever – Martin McGarry, Partner & Chief Data Scientist

7:15-8:00 Canadian Election Special – The changing role of data in the elections of Trudeau Senior and Trudeau Junior, 40 years apart.

8:00-8:30 TBC

8:30 Bronson Analytics Closing Remarks

8:30-9:00 Conference Booths, LinkedIn Meetup Networking, Beer and Food

A fun and engaging event to learn about AI, modern tools and visualization techniques for best-in-class analytics!

There will be PLENTY of opportunity to sample local craft beers and enjoy the excellent food from Ottawa’s own Thyme & Again. We listened to your feedback, improved the A/V, found interesting speakers, invited more breweries. Drinks and Food are included in your ticket price at least whilst stocks last.


Date & Time
October 17, 2019 at 5:00 pm
October 17, 2019 at 9:00 pm
Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park
1525 Princess Patricia Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3 , Ottawa K1S 5J3