We Have a Glebe Spree Early-Bird Prize Winner

December 21, 2021 | by glebeadmin

A big congratulations goes out to Ryan Hough, a big fan and loyal customer of the Glebe.

Ryan and his family have participated in the contest every year since its inception and now have the winnings to show for their dedication!

When asked where his family will spend their prize, he had some great ideas. McKeen Metro or Nicastros for groceries, Shoe + Shoe and Glebe Trotters for shoe wear, Compact Music to grab some records, Anthony’s, Thanjai and Taj Mahal for a nice bite, and just in time for his family to take up cross country skiing, Kundstadt Sports and Jo Mama Cycling!

“In a holiday season that has been dampened by COVID-19, this has been a bright and exciting part. With prices rising this will help us continue to contribute to local businesses”, says Ryan, who in past years has always made sure to submit 2-6 ballots at our local merchants.

Ryan and his family are Glebe regulars who spend their time visiting some of our special local merchants. Little Victories for a coffee, Kettleman’s for a bagel, Last Train to Delhi for a gourmet meal, and the Unrefined Olive for a wide selection of olive oils.

His ballot was dropped off at Pet Valu. When asked what he purchased for that final winning ballot? “Kitty litter for our cats Kirby and Zelda”. A huge thank you goes out to Kirby and Zelda, the real stars of this year’s Early Bird prize giveaway.

Many thanks as always to our title sponsor, McKeen Metro Glebe.

Glebe Spree runs from November 15-December 31, 2021. Participants get one sticker for every $15 they spend with 10 stickers completing a ballot. Stickers can be collected, and ballots can be dropped off at any participating merchant in the Glebe. Shop local this Holiday season and you could win the grand prize of a $10,000 Glebe shopping spree. Good luck to all!