Stuff those stockings! 10 perfect stocking stuffers from the Glebe

December 19, 2018 | by glebeadmin

You may have taken on your Christmas shopping like a boss this year, ready to pour a rum and Egg Nog by the fire as yuletide carols echo in the background.

Not so fast! Have you thought about stockings yet? If you’ve already spilled Egg Nog all over your Christmas sweater while reading this, don’t fear, merchants of the Glebe are here.

Here are 10 great stocking stuffer ideas for the kids, dad, mom and even your furry family members this Christmas season.


Relaxus Beauty Mini Nail Files

A perfect stocking stuffer for everyone in the family. Head to Whole Health Pharmacy and pick up a box of Relaxus Beauty’s Mini Nail Files and have a pedicure party. Pick up a box for everyone or spread the 12 that come in a box around to the entire family.  Click here to visit them online.



There’s nothing worse than chapped lips during the holidays, so make your kids will have no problem sucking on candy canes during Christmas. These Mickey and Minnie Mouse-themed lip balms are fun, flavourful and will keep those blisters at bay. A day on the ski hill will be no match for LiP SMACKER! Pick them up at Shoppers Drug Mart in the Glebe. Click here to visit them online.


Da Paw Balm Paw Butter

Don’t forget about filling Fido’s stocking this Christmas and a trip to Purrdy Paws in the Glebe will ensure you include all the furry friends on your list. Give your best friend a tub of Da Paw Balm Paw Butter to help with dry and cracked paws and dry snouts. Apply some butter to your dog’s paw pads and help protect them from toxic salt and sand from the sidewalks. Merry Christmas, pups! Click here to visit them online.


Merry & Bright Holiday Catnip Ball Cat Toys

You’ve got something for Fido, but what about Tigger the cat? Head to PetSmart and pick up a four pack of the Merry & Bright Holiday Catnip Ball Cat Toys and your kitty will have a hay day all Christmas day. The balls are filled with catnip and will keep your cat active and engaged all day long. Click here to visit them online.


‘Tis the Season Assorted Christmas Cat Toys

Keep Tigger entertained all day with the ‘Tis the Season Assorted Christmas Cat Toys bag from Pet Valu The holiday pack features 12 cat toys for hours of fun. This is the perfect gift for multi-cat households. Click here to visit them online.


Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

There’s going to be a lot of sweets over the holidays, and Santa might want to slide a toothbrush into your kids’ stockings this year to help keep those January dental bills down. Send Santa to the Glebe Apothecary to pick from a selection of children-themed toothbrushes. Click here to visit them online.


Holiday Fruit Infusion Tea Packs

If you’ve got a tea lover in your household, then tip Santa off about the Holiday Fruit Infusion Tea Packs from DAVIDsTEA in the Glebe. Flavours include Sleigh Ride, Fireside Mocha and Candy Cane. Click here to visit DAVIDsTEA online.


Teeny Tys

Santa will certainly be stopping at Tiggy Winkle’s to pick up stocking stuffers, and you may want to alert him about Teeny Tys stuffed plush. The small stuffed animals are bright and fun and are the perfect stocking stuffer for your little ones. Tiggy’s has an extensive selection of Teeny Tys. Visit them online here.


Simply Straws Reusable Glass Straws

If you’re like most of us trying to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to save the environment, then I’m sure everyone in your family would love to find a Simply Straws Reusable Glass Straws in their stocking this year from Readi Set Go. These glass straws are easy to transport and come with a cleaning brush, so you won’t have to fight to get the straw clean. Visit Redi Set Go online here.


Flavoured Bath Bombs

There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm bath over the holidays, but you can kick that soak into high gear this year with these flavoured Bath Bombs from Purple Urchin. The store boasts an array of flavours from Maple Lemon and Rockets to Ginger Spice and Apple Cider. You’ll be a raisin by the time you get out of the tub. Visit Purple Urchin online here.


Wrapping accessories

And if you’ve still got some Christmas wrapping to be done, your one-stop shop is at The Papery in the Glebe. The quaint Bank Street shop has everything from wrapping paper and bows to colourful ribbon and gift bags. The shop also offers elegant gift wrapping if you haven’t got time to wrap all your gifts. Visit The Papery here.