Sink your teeth into these Canadian Eats classics in the Glebe

June 12, 2017 | by glebeadmin

Sweet Bite’s Maple Macaron – A smooth crisp shell and a moist, chewy interior with a classic flavour we all know and love.

Glebe eateries whip up Canadian-style apps and desserts

With temperatures soaring close to 40C this week, the last thing you’ll want to do is turn on your oven to cook a meal.

It’s a good thing that Glebe chefs have been putting Canada on a plate since Victoria Day – with more than 40 appetizers, beverages, entreés and desserts to tingle your taste buds, you could spend the rest of June eating out in the Glebe, and eating out well during Canadian Eats.

The Glebe’s newest food celebration that aims to capture the spirit of Canadian Cuisine will have you sitting on patios this week, sipping Canadian suds, Caesars and refreshing drinks, munching on light snacks and topping it off with some oh, so good, Canadian treats and sweets.

While your sitting on the patio soaking in the rays, you’ll need some snacky foods to keep your fingers busy. Try the Wild Boar Panko Pogos at The Clocktower Brew Pub and sink your teeth into wild boar sausage pieces dipped in sweet cornmeal breading and rolled in panko. Top it off with The Clocktower Brew Pub’s Bytown Brown grainy mustard sauce and your belly will be singing.

Grab a prime patio spot at The FarmTeam Cookhouse and Bar and treat yourself to the Turkey Meatballs – Four seasoned slow-cooked turkey meatballs smothered in a sundried tomato Alfredo sauce, topped with old cheddar, local goat cheese and served with garlic bread. The Cookhouse also makes a damn fine Caesar.

If you’re at Lansdowne, hit up Sen Asian Cuisine and taste the Coconut Mussels – their own spin on a Vietnamese dish, Canadian style. East coast mussels with a delicious Vietnamese snail recipe; coconut milk, lemongrass, Asian herbs and sake.

Just across the street, you can grab the Porky Pig Poutine from Industria Pizzeria & Bar. Home fries topped with braised pork shoulder, maple caramelized McIntosh apples and Ontario blue cheese. Nothing says Canada like a poutine smothered in blue cheese.

Sen Asian’s Coconut Mussels – East coast mussels with a delicious Vietnamese snail recipe; coconut milk, lemongrass, Asian herbs and sake.

Now, you’re ready for dessert.

How can you go wrong with Canadian Maple Ice cream? Stop by the Marble Slab Creamery and pick up a scoop or two of the Canadian staple dessert. It’s the perfect summer treat for a hot day in the sun. You just better eat it quick before is slides off your cone and onto Bank Street.

“The secret is in the maple,” says the ice cream shop.

“And ours is naturally the best. Sweet, creamy, delicious and so Canadian.”

Wanna taste the best Nanaimo Bars in the city? That’s the claim at The Joy of Gluten Free, and how could you argue with a, “fudgy coconut chocolate almond base, delectably filled with soft custard icing and a Belgium chocolate crust?”

Obviously Gluten-free, the Nanaimo Bars will fill that sweet tooth, without the risk of throwing away your beach bod that is slowly coming along.

“Nanaimo bars aren’t available anywhere else but Canada,” says the Bank Street treat shop.

“Anyone that tries these at our store will literally swoon over them.”

Swoon your way up Bank Street to Sweet Bite and take a bite into their Maple Macaron – A smooth crisp shell and a moist, chewy interior with a classic flavour we all know and love. What can describe Canada better than a dessert with maple syrup?

And who doesn’t like Cake? Tamis Café has got some delicious Ube, Yema (Dulce de Leche) Cake – a top seller at the Fourth Avenue eatery. A light and fluffy Ube (Purple Yam) cake stuffed with Yema (Dulce de Leche) filling. Yammy!

And how can you eat like a Canadian without wolfing down a Butter Tart? Local Public Eatery has got a butter tart worth calling home about – but not to tell your mom, she’ll be heartbroken. Tell your dad to meet you in the Glebe. Local’s treat has got a Maple Butter Tart Filling with Shortbread Crumble and Glazed Thompson Raisins served in a jar. It won’t take you long to reach the bottom.

These delicious items should get your through a week of patio weather in the Glebe. But check out the full Canadian Eats menu here and treat yourself to appetizers, elegant entrees, on-the-go bits and bites, beverages and more. The Canadian food celebration is on now until Canada Day, only in the Glebe.

Tune in next week when we highlight entreés and beverages.