Shop local exclusively in for the next 30 days. Can you do it?

March 19, 2021 | by glebeadmin

We’ve enlisted the help of local retailers and restaurateurs to show you just how easy it is to only shop locally for an entire month.

"Mike Estabrooks truly knows what it means to shop local.

From the music to the food to the beer to customers, everything at Irene’s pub is local – and it’s just how the general manager and bartender extraordinaire likes it.

“Irene’s Pub has been fortunate enough to be operating in the same space for over 30 years,” says Estabrooks.  “As a result most of the day-to-day faces are very familiar to the pub, most on a first-name basis. An overwhelming majority of our patrons hail from the surrounding neighborhoods including The Glebe, Old Ottawa South/East & Centertown.  The Winter always brings fresh faces from afar, usually carrying a pair of skates on their shoulders.”

And when those rosy cheeks do pop into the iconic Bank Street bar for a beer and a bite, they’re not only supporting one local business, but several at the same time. From the Ashton Brewing Company beer they serve to the  Irene’s burger that is sourced from the Glebe Meat Market a block away, it’s all hyper local.

“Contributing to the notion of ‘support local’ has always been important to us,” adds Estabrooks.  “Operating a small business in a community like the Glebe has given us the opportunity to forge relationships with many local businesses and musicians.  Our relationships with suppliers like The Glebe Meat Market, McKeen Metro, and Morala’s Trading has allowed us to provide a higher quality, fresher product to the customer.”

With businesses cross promoting each other throughout the Glebe, it makes it even easier for residents to shop local and support their neighbourhood merchants. We challenge you to shop locally for one month and see just how easy it is.

We’ve enlisted the help of some local retailers to show you just how easy it is to get everything you would ever need right in your backyard. From groceries and books to electronics and a suite of essential services that will keep you healthy, happy and in tune, it’s all in your back yard.

Shopping locally at a place like McKeen Metro Glebe is a breeze, as the longstanding neighbourhood grocery store has been embedded in the community for more than a century. Owner Rebecca McKeen says she probably knows 80 per cent of her customers by name or face, so it’s clear many of you are already doing much of your grocery shopping locally.

“As a company, we are a neighbourhood store, so our priority is the Glebe neighbourhood and the residents who want to tailor our offerings to their needs and we appreciate the local business greatly, it’s a huge percentage of our business.”

And in terms of local products you can snag from McKeen’s, the list goes on. From Seed to Sausage meats and Little Victories coffee to Michael’s Dolce Jams to Top Shelf preserves and the irresistible Art-is-in Bakery goods, a trip through Metro is supporting more than just small businesses in the Glebe.

“Supporting local vendors is something we really pride ourselves on,” says McKeen, adding that the success of those around her contributes to the success of her store. “People can come to the destination of Bank Street and get their shopping done, hop into a hardware store, grab a coffee, have lunch. If everyone around us is successful, it makes the whole street successful.”

So you’ve got restaurants galore, grocery options from Metro, as well as Loblaws, Whole Foods Market and Il Negozio Nicastro. What about household products?

Just talk to Jackie Morphy, owner of All Eco Ottawa, who will set you up with pretty much anything you would need for the home – from shampoos to cleaning supplies to essential oils to reusable containers to… well, you get the idea.

“I have so many household items that are needed on a daily basis,” says Morphy.  “I have several plant-based natural Canadian cleaning product lines, all available in Prefill & Refill.   These include – dish, hand, laundry soaps, all-purpose, toilet, floor cleaners.” The Bank Street eco store also carries coffee and local honey as well as natural, Canadian-made skin care lines.

So can you support your local economy and shop locally for an entire month? There’s clothing from shops like Delilah, Stomping Ground, Escape Clothing and Shoe Plus Shoe. You’ve got a suite of essentials from eyecare clinics and massage therapists to yoga and dance studios. Need dry-cleaning, yup we’ve got that too at Glebe Tailoring. What about ski and bike and board shops? Kunstadt Sports and Sporting life will have you on the slopes in no time, while Joe Mamma and Top of the World will get you on the move. If you need a prescription, Whole Health Pharmacy is ready to serve your needs, as is The Glebe Apothecary and Shopper’s Drug Mart.

See how easy it is to shop local? Try it and you’ll find that everything’s right here in the area. And now with most of our shops back up and running, there’s no reason to hit up retail giants for a TV or a dog bed when AudioShop and Pet Value can help you out. Heck, you can even get Fido a new haircut at Purrdy Paws grooming spa. It’s all close, convenient and ready to serve.

Explore our website at to browse local shops and restaurants. They need your support now more than ever and we all need them just as much.

Shop local. Because you can.