November 30th: “Hey! Where’s my stamp?”

November 30, 2011 | by glebeadmin

Are you collecting stamps in your Glebe-Spree Passport for a chance to win a $10,000 shopping spree in the Glebe?

For the most part, any retailer listed in the Glebe-Spree Passport will give you a stamp for every $20 you spend. But there are a couple of exceptions and we wanted you to know why they aren’t giving stamps, and how you can still get a stamp for your purchase.

Some chain stores, such as Subway and Pizza Pizza, can’t give out stamps because their franchise rules won’t let them. As of this writing, the LCBO on Pretoria Ave. isn’t giving stamps either, although the LCBO on Bank is.

Your purchases at these locations still count, though, so here’s how you can get your stamp.

  1. Take your receipt either to Pom Pom (732 Bank St.), BRIO (911 Bank St.), or bring it here to our Glebe BIA office (858 Bank St., Suite 110).
  2.  You will get a stamp for every $20 you’ve spent at a Glebe retailer or business that could not provide you with a stamp.

Over 15,100 Glebe-Spree Passports are filling up with stamps right now and folks are already dreaming big of how they’re going to spend their $10,000 if they win. “I would spend everything at Pet Value” says pet-loving Ed. “I would love to go for dinner and get manicures with my friends” says very generous Barb. How about you?

Still need a passport? Look for our friendly—and oh-so fashionable!—street team. Their stylish Glebe hats and coats are getting rave reviews! Or drop into any Glebe retailer and ask for one. The big draw is January 2nd, so get shopping and fill your passport. The winner could be you!