New stunning mural brings some groove back to the Glebe

August 13, 2020 | by glebeadmin

If the 30 or so murals that Jocelyn Galipeau has painted in the region weren’t enough to put him on the art map, his latest piece certainly will.

The Gatineau-based artist has truly put his signature on the Glebe – and its arguably the most dynamic, impactful and vibrant piece of artwork the neighbourhood has seen to date.

“I really, really love it,” says Galipeau, standing in front of his giant mural at Reliable Parts. The public art piece, entitled, “Groovy Glebe” is exactly that, adds Galipeau, a hip representation of the Glebe, its stunning geography and its “groovy” residents.

“There are a lot of elements of the Glebe itself, of course and I wanted to add something really groovy, something that shows the atmosphere of the Glebe and captures the spirit.”

The giant art piece spans the entire wall of Reliable Parts – a fitting location for a community mural, as the appliance parts shop has been a staple in the community for more than 25 years. And one glance at the massive art piece instantly lets visitors, residents and tourist know they have officially arrived in Ottawa’s funky neighbourhood, the Glebe.

A giant cyclist walks her bike along a path towards the stunning Aberdeen Pavilion, with a ukulele strapped to her back. Perhaps she’s heading to a gig at Irene’s Pub, suggests Galipeau. A paddler cruises the water networks of Patterson’s Creek in a kayak, while luscious foliage hangs above and beyond. A setting sun and impeccable details bring this larger-than-life art piece together in jaw-dropping fashion. It’s truly a ‘wow’ moment when you see it.

“I’ve always wanted to do a mural like this,” adds Galipeau. “Something more illustrative and creative. This is a snapshot of our history.”

Galipeau’s design was chosen during last year’s Glebe Mural Program, however timing made it impossible to have it installed. The art piece was then reentered into this year’s program, and again was chosen out of the 40-plus submissions as a top selection.

Groovy Glebe isn’t the only piece of Galipeau’s artwork on display in the Glebe, as his piece entitled, “Breathe Over” still graces the back wall of Bridgehead on Second Avenue.

Come down and check out the newest mural, and take a tour of the impressive selection of public art pieces that grace Bank Street and beyond in the Glebe.

A huge thank you goes out to Reliable Parts, their employees, property owners Eric and Kelly Moodie and the City of Ottawa for pulling this beautiful project together.