New Glebe Gateway Installation Celebrates Neighbourhood Vibrancy

November 11, 2020 | by glebeadmin

"Welcome to the Glebe.

You’re here! You have arrived. You’re in the funky, fun, vibrant little enclave we call the Glebe.

If you haven’t noticed this by now, perhaps the giant colourful, “Glebe” sign at the corner of Bank Street and Chamberlain Avenue will tip you off.

The Glebe is now home to its very own gateway sign – a colourful, vibrant and welcoming entrance to our charming community. Those entering the neighbourhood from downtown will certainly know the exact moment they enter the Glebe.

“You have to take this sign in conjunction with the flowers and the bannering and all of the efforts that are pulled together, it’s all one thing,” says Aerographics designer Dave O’Malley, who, along with a team of dedicated volunteer residents, stakeholders and  creative professionals, volunteered countless hours to make this project a reality. “It marks the beginning and all the way down Bank Street, you know you are in the Glebe.”

What makes this new Glebe sign so special is the amount of pride those working on the project brought to the table every day. A dedicated group consisting of landscape architects, designers, community stakeholders and other professionals volunteered countless hours to the project, each bringing their own expertise. The project also engaged the public and garnered invaluable feedback through public consultations that were incorporated into the final design.

The result is a colourful, textured sign with large letters spelling out the word “Glebe.” It’s a fun, engaging way to identify our community, says Underground Sound Treasurer Lynne Barlow, whose organization helped fund the project.

“Having a sign stating your community’s name, makes people feel proud that it’s being recognized as something worth marking,” she says. “The Big colourful letters spelling ‘Glebe’ really signifies happiness, family, and positivity. Even the large letters invite people to come and sit or stand beside it for photos.”

"The sign was installed on a small parcel of land at the north end of the neighbourhood, just steps away from Jocelyn Galipeau’s new “Groovy Glebe” mural that was installed on the wall of Reliable Parts earlier this summer. Together, the two art pieces create a stunning, bold and creative entrance to the Glebe that is impossible to miss.

Welcome to the Glebe.

We would like to recognize the following team of individuals who spent countless hours designing, redesigning, presenting and facilitating the process through this three-year project. This initiative would not have been possible without the expertise of the following community stakeholders:

  • Sarah Viehbeck, Former President, Glebe Community Association
  • Lynn Barlow, Underground Sound
  • Allan Bateman, Property Owner
  • Dave O’Malley, Aerographics
  • John Wright, Landscape Architect (CSLA, MCIP, RPP)
  • Christopher A. Leggett, Architect (OAA, MRAIC)
  • Robert Martin, Architect (B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC, CAHP)
  • Jonathan McLeod, Councillor’s Assistant, Office of Shawn Menard
  • Andrew Peck, Executive Director, Glebe BIA.

A special acknowledgement must be made to thank Underground Sound for all their contributions over the years to enhance the Bank Street experience. In addition to the Gateway installation, they have been instrumental In the development of our newly built parkettes and the mural program as well as other initiatives. We would like to appreciate the community commitment of its board members, both past and present, including Ian Boyd, June Creelman, Lynn Barlow, Caroline Vanneste, Leslie Fulton, Jim McKeen and Janet Sutherland.

The project was funded through a revitalization fund from the Province of Ontario, the Glebe Business Improvement Area and Underground Sound.