New businesses sprouting up in the Glebe

September 2, 2016 | by glebeadmin

Your Glebe guide to all the new business in the neighbourhood

It doesn’t take long to notice how many new businesses have popped up throughout the Glebe within the last year.

A short walk down a few blocks will reveal a suite of new, unique shops and restaurants that are carving out their novel names in the neighbourhood.
From family-run cafes and young, hip men’s apparel shops to top foodie restaurants and the “purrdiest” pet shop you’ve ever seen, the Glebe has certainly freshened up for fall.

The Glebe BIA has put together a quick guide for shoppers to learn a bit more about what the Glebe has to offer and about the local merchants who make this neighbourhood such a great place to shop, eat and play.


From left: Lito Sare, his wife Liza and they’re daughters Jiselle and Jessica.

Tamis Cafe
103 4th Avenue

It may have taken the owners of Tamis Cafe just 12 days to open their Filipino-inspired cafe in the Glebe, but they spent a lifetime dreaming of it.
The quaint family-run Tamis Cafe sits just off of Bank Street, on beautiful Fourth Avenue. Inside you’ll find a small cafe-style restaurant with seating for a small crowd.
It won’t take you long to make friends with sisters Jessica and Jiselle Sare, or their mother      ,  Liza who learned everything about the kitchen from her mother while growing up in the Philippines. And dad Lito is usually poking around, helping out the family with whatever they need.
“We are so excited to be here in the Glebe,” says Liza.
“Everyone has been so nice, our neighbours, the people. Everybody is coming to say hi
The menu boasts delicious comfort foods with Liza’s own Filipino flare — delicious veggie crepes with peanut sauce, savoury empanadas, Stir-fried noodles with shrimp and Asian sausage at Tamis Café,  Pork chop and mango salad at Tamis Café, and so many other countless dishes that bring water to the mouth. And then there are the sweets. “Tamis” translates into “sweet” and the bake shop more than lives up to its name. Satisfy the sweetest of teeth with Tamis’ Purple Yam Brazo de Mercedes or the Vegan chocolate cake…yummy.
The cafe is the realization of lifelong dream of the Sare’s, as father Lito ran a restaurant back in his homeland. The family dropped everything a year ago to focus on Jiselle’s cancer diagnosis and when the opportunity came up to open the family restaurant together, the family jumped.
“We were devastated. She was diagnosed right after her 19th birthday,” says Lito, adding that once the family saw the space on 4th Avenue open up, the raced and opened the doors in a hurry, transforming the space into a new business in just a week-and-a-half.
“For the past 15 years, we weren’t in a rush to open a restaurant, until she got sick.”
Jiselle is now cancer-free and is doing what she loves at the 4th avenue cafe, alongside the people she loves.
Come and say to one of the Glebe’s newest business neighbours at 103 4th Avenue.

Sebastian Saikaley in his new Morning Owl Coffee Shop on Bank Street.

Sebastian Saikaley in his new Morning Owl Coffee Shop on Bank Street.

Morning Owl Coffee
891 Bank Street

Sebastian Saikaley is back in the kitchen.
After a devastating fire wiped out his Encino Taco Shop last year, the young business owner was itching to get back to serving his Glebe customers, and just this past week, he opened Morning Owl Coffee on Bank Street, just steps away from where his taco shop burned to the ground.
“I’m so happy to be back,” says Saikaley, during his first open day at the new Bank Street Café.
“I wanted to come back to the Glebe. I love this place, I love these people.”
Saikaley opened Morning Owl with his father, Eli Saikaley, who runs Silver Scissors Salon just a few doors down. His salon was also razed in the fire, but Eli opened up just a few months later a few doors down.  The two are proud of their new coffee venture and say they wouldn’t have opened the coffee shop anywhere else but in the Glebe, where they belong.
“The people, the sense of community, the loyalty,” says Eli about the Glebe community.
“They picked us up after the fire and gave us every reason to come back to the Glebe and business is better than ever.”
The new coffee shop boasts fresh coffee and cappuccinos, fresh daily made sandwiches, salads and treats, pies and muffins — everything to get you on your way during your morning rush.

Pure Gelato in the Glebe.

Pure Gelato in the Glebe.

Pure Gelato
843 Bank Street

Three years was all it took for Randy Tommy to realize how much he missed making Gelato. Tommy opened his first gelato shop in Ottawa in 1987 and sold it a decade later. He quickly returned to Italy in 1999, the place he learned how to make gelato, and studied the art of making the sweet  frozen treat until he had defined a new vision for the Ottawa dessert market.
A year later, Tommy opened Pure Gelato on Elgin Street and the business has been growing ever since.
“We are excited to be in the Glebe because similar to Elgin it is surrounded by a community where we can create relationships with regular customers and the community,” says the company.
What makes Pure Gelato so special is that every ingredient that goes into making that perfect treat is imported from Italy. The company’s mission is to “To make authentic Italian gelato,” and they stick to that.
“We import the pastes & concentrates to make the gelato, the machines to make it in and the display cabinets to present it in.”
The shop has also expanded its menu to include crepes, homemade baked goodies, lunch, coffee and fresh orange juice.
Come in and taste some of Italy’s finest frozen treats, right here in the Glebe.


Purrdy Paws in the Glebe

Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming
732 Bank Street

Pets are family members, so why not pamper them as such? At Purrdy Paws in the Glebe, you’ll find one of the most relaxing atmosphere for your cat or dog, right in the heart of the Glebe.
Owner Jayme Montero became a Certified Feline Master Groomer after NCGIA in Greenville, South Carolina. She then came back to Ottawa to open the luxury pet grooming service in the Glebe just this past spring.
“We love the Glebe for its constant traffic of lovely people,” says Montero.
“It’s also a great organic and authentic environment; most suitable for our store concept.”
The grooming service offers both in-house and mobile pet grooming and pick up and drop off services for the busiest of people.
And you need not worry about your pet while you’re out, as the team at Purrdy Paws is dedicated and passionate about ‘pampering your pet’ at the spa.
“In our services, we are genuine,” she adds.
“We have a constant passion and care for your animals. In our products, we are organic, healthy, and supportive. We keep the majority of our store product Canada made, and we support local, all natural product.”


Pomeroy House

Pomeroy House
749 Bank Street

There’s only two words you need when ordering fare from the Pomeroy House: Hot Chicken.
The staple dish has had everyone talking since the Bank Street restaurant opened its doors just over a year ago, but the kitchen has other delicious comfort foods for whatever mood you’re in.
Try the Seared Humboldt Squid or the Roast Duck or Baby Back Ribs and your tastebuds will be dancing all the way home.  The restaurant offers lunch and dinner from Tuesday through Saturday in an intimate setting in the Glebe. It’s the perfect night out for date night, a nice meal with friends or a corporate outing. The bar’s extensive wine list and sweet dessert menu will wow you into the evening.


The Rowan.

The Rowan
915 Bank Street

You won’t find better British fare than at The Rowan in the Glebe.
The Bank Street eatery, owned by Ottawa’s Fraser Brothers of Fraser Cafe fame, boasts everything from pork pie and Yorkshire Pudding to trout, duck and beef tenderloin with snails.
The Rowan offers patrons a taste of Britain through weekend brunch, daily lunch and dinner menus that are mouthwatering. The intimate  open-concept setting is bright and polished with an eclectic feel, adding warmth to whatever occasion you may be celebrating.  A giant floor to ceiling garage door-style window opens the restaurant up right onto Bank Street, allowing patrons to feel the vibe of the Glebe.

The staff at Capital Barbers in the Glebe.

The staff at Capital Barbers in the Glebe.

Capital Barbershop
590 Bank Street

Are you in the “elite group of gentle who strive for excellence and a level of aesthetics above and beyond greatness?”
Then the next time you need a haircut, go see the guys and gals at Capital Barbers in the Glebe for everything you need to look your sharpest.
The new Glebe barbershop opened last November and they’ve been carving up the neighbourhood, adding style to every patron who walks through the doors.
The concept is a retro barber environment, with flaunting subway tiles behind the bar, a long brick wall adding warmth, and tall ceilings embellished by Victorian-pressed tile that augment the space’s extravagance. But you’ll walk out with modern looks to help you stay current in today’s stylish society.
All of the barbers are self taught, some of whom have been cutting hair since the age of 14 years-old.
“From children getting their first cut and hopeful professionals on their way to interviews, to retired gentlemen enjoying a hot shave, being in the Glebe allows us to receive a socially diverse and culturally rich clientele,” says manager Stephanie Egloff.
The Bank Street shop also offers hot towel shaves and expressive, eye-catching fades.

Stomping Ground on Bank Street.

Stomping Ground on Bank Street.

Stomping Ground
728 Bank Street
(613) 422-7867

If you’re looking for stylish wear, look no further than Stomping Ground on Bank Street. From head to toe, shoes to hats and everything in between, you’ll be looking your best when you walk out of Stomping Ground. Owners Josh Chambers and Naj Petersen just opened up this past August and already feel like they are part of the Glebe community.
“The Glebe is a genuinely vibrant, cultured and welcoming community,” says Chambers.
“We opened our doors and instantly felt the excitement and support of neighbourhood residents who value local and independent business. The best part of our day is bonding with our customers, both young and mature, over an espresso or Perrier while they explore the space. We could not have chosen a better neighbourhood to call home.” Stomping Ground is more than just a men’s apparel store. It’s a hangout, a social space and welcoming store that aims to treat its customers as vip guests.
“As business owners, each person who walks into our store is a welcomed guest who we intend to treat with the greatest hospitality,” he adds.
“Whether its a complimentary espresso or recommendations on where to eat we have a vested interest in getting to know each person who visits us and exceeding their expectation of what a retailer can be.”


Anthony's-PizzaAnthony’s Pizza
753 Bank Street

If the Food Network says Anthony’s Pizza is, “One of the 12 best pizzas across Canada worth travelling for,” you should just stop reading and head to the Glebe for your next pizza night.
Delicious wood-fired pizza at its best is now on Bank Street.
The pie shop features simple, authentic Italian pizza, everything from Margherita to Capricciosa and everything in between. Anthony’s also offers wings and spaghetti and meat balls, among other Italian dishes. Every night is pizza night in the Glebe.

Staff at Tommy Gunn's Barbershop

Staff at Tommy Gunn’s Barbershop

Tommy Gunn’s Original Barbershop
100 Marche Way #105
613-695-GUNS (4867)

Looking for a VIP haircutting experience? Tommy Gunn’s Original Barbershop at Lansdowne in the Glebe gives the barbershop experience a complete makeover. Never miss the game, or catch up on last night’s sports through their in-mirror TVs while sipping a complimentary drink; play games in the lounge or surf ton shop’s iPads and TVs while you wait.
“Our professional cuts with scalp massage are the staple of the business but the Tommy Gun’s Hot Shave is truly an experience,” says co-owner Antoine Goulet, whose uncles were all barbers in Ottawa when he grew up.
Its more of a spa treatment with 7 different oils and lotions, and just as many hot towels. The chairs are so comfortable that once you are wrapped in a steaming towel in between shaves and face massage, it is very difficult to not fall asleep.” The barbershop offers a, “Convenient 5 star service in a casual atmosphere a guy can feel at home in.”
“Glebe residents and shoppers are truly our people,” he adds.
“Relaxed, pleasant individuals that can appreciate the finer things without being pretentious. We love our clients and i’m not sure we’d have the same experience anywhere else.”
Tommy Gunn’s also offers scalp massages, treatments and classic cuts and styles.

playa del popsical

Playa del Popsical

Playa del Popsical
809 Bank Street
(613) 884-6970

Want a quick escape to the beach? Walk down Bank Street and you’ll find a hidden oasis with a sandy beach and coconuts strewn about at Playa del Popsical. Owner Max Anisman has recreated 1980s Miami right in the glebe. Sit in a nice beach chair with your feet in the sand and cool down with gourmet popsicles on your tastebuds. Anisman’s homemade popsicles are made from real fruit with no preservatives and the classic snow cones are the perfect treat on a hot day.
“I grew up here and don’t plan on leaving,” says Anisman, who converted the former Flapjack Pancake Shack into his new popsicle paradise.
“Anyone can make Popsicles but We brought the beach.”
The beach stop opened up just this summer and it’s already become a hit with anyone strolling by on a hot day. Anisman says the business is all centred around fun.
“Growing up I actually had a major fear of Popsicles and other frozen treats,” he jokes.
“So this is my way of concurring that.  As you can tell we’re all about fun times and strive to be an inclusive community business.”
Forget Florida, head to Playa del Popsical.

The Craft Beer Market

The Craft Beer Market

Craft Beer Market

If you like beer, then you have probably already pulled up a bar stool at The Craft Beer Market to start crossing off your list of 100+ craft beers that you need to taste before fall arrives. The new Craft Beer Market at Lansdowne is a brew-ha-ha of good times, with a massive, slick wrap around bar, exposed beer kegs and a swanky new Bank Street patio. It’s the perfect place to grab a pint before the game, or meeting spot for you and your craft beer buddies. Taste everything under the sun, including fruity beers, hoppy brews and some of the best local India Pale Ales you’ll find on this side of the country. The bar boasts quality pub food, from burgers and wings to fish tacos and brunch on weekends. Cheers, to craft beers.