Local student crowned Snowphy Trophy champ for first-ever Snow Princess

February 21, 2020 | by glebeadmin


Maya Devlen always wanted to build a snowman, but never could.

Growing up in west Turkey, there just was never enough snow for the seven-year-old to roll up into a big magical frosty.

That all changed when Devlen and her family immigrated to Canada last summer – and when they got their first taste of a Canadian winter wallop a few months later, they took the opportunity to create that elusive first snowman.

“It seemed like a great opportunity to try to build our first snowman in her seven years,” laughed mom Lena, showing off some of her daughter’s art at their Glebe home. She said she spotted the neighbourhood’s Snowphy Trophy Challenge on social media and figured it would be the perfect way to get involved in the community.

It didn’t take the young budding artist long to start creating her masterpiece – a dazzling snow princess complete with a white flared dress, a necklace, a belt and, of course, her magical tiara. It was these details earned Maya the Snowphy Trophy this year as the Glebe’s top snowman maker.  The Corpus Christi student says the creation took on a life of its own.

“Well, at first I had the idea of making a cat, but then I was like, ‘maybe I should make something else, maybe I should make a girl,’” said Maya, showing off the snow princess in the back yard. “But then once I made it, it kind of looked like a princess, so that’s why I had the idea to make it a princess.”

It doesn’t take long to realize that Maya is an artsy kid. A large easel sits next to the kitchen table with a kaleidoscope of colours ready to be mixed up. The walls are adorned with the seven-year-old’s paintings – the wintery abstract cat is one of her favourites. Maya is taking art lessons and wants to be an inventor when she grows up.

“What I like about art is that I get to make new friends and I get to make new masterpieces,” she added.

While both Maya and her mom are thrilled to win the prize package complete with chocolate from Lindt at Lansdowne and gift certificates at Kunstadt Sports and Cineplex Lansdowne, the real prize was bonding in their backyard, taking up a true Canadian pastime during their first-ever Canuck winter.

“It’s a tradition. It’s such a thing to do as a child, or with your child and this was the first time we actually had enough snow and it was wet enough,” added Lena. “So, it was nice, and I really enjoyed watching her doing all the details, she would come with a little stick and say, ‘she needs eyes, now she needs eyelashes and she needs a belt, her waist looks too thin.”

Little Maya is becoming somewhat of a snow queen herself. She’s been tobogganing, she’s taking ice skating lessons and hopes to skate on the Canal for her first time ever this winter.

Maya also had her name engraved on the Snowphy Trophy as the 2020 champion.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Snowphy Trophy Challenge as part of Winterlude. Thank you to our local businesses who made this contest possible.  Check out our honourable mentions below.


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