Hey, foodies! The Glebe is the place to be to get your bite on

July 3, 2015 | by glebeadmin

Chomp, chew, swallow. Taste buds blown. There is no denying that the Glebe is quickly becoming Ottawa’s hottest food destination, with several restaurants on every block, from Mexican and French cuisine, to Lebanese, Indian and our many beloved burger joints that line Bank Street and beyond. Whether you are looking for an ice cream cone to cool you off in the blazing heat; a coffee and a scone to get you going in the morning; a locally-sourced grocery store to fill your belly during your lunch break; or a fancy sit down meal at a ritzy restaurant, the Glebe truly has a flavour for everyone. And when we say that, we truly mean it. Even if you’re not into dropping cash on a meal for lunch, one of the best options is to head to one of the local grocers ¬ Metro McKeen, Whole Foods, Loblaws or II Negozio Nicastro – that have a range of products from locally sourced goods to organic food to keep you healthy and energized all day. Hot foods, cold sandwiches and salads, quick meals and also your pick of locally-sourced and organic produce and other traditional products. Staying hyper-local has always been the main vision for Metro McKeen, the Glebe’s longest-standing grocery store that first opened its doors in 1910. The store has become a pillar in the community, understanding the needs and wants of its loyal customers for four full generations. Owner Rebecca McKeen says the store has always believed in the “shop local” movement.

Metro McKeen

Metro McKeen

“There is value in investing in local businesses, farmers and producers,” she says. “The community as a whole and the economy we live in benefits greatly from the support of local businesses and the ‘shop local’ movement. It is about caring where and what you are buying. The quality and attention which goes into the manufacture of local food and local products reflects positively on the consumer.” With the addition of Whole Foods, choice has become even greater in the Glebe. The U.S. organic grocery chain also has a hot food cafeteria and a range of organic products from produce to poultry and everything in between. And if you’re looking for something a little more specific, like, a little taste of Italy in the Glebe, II Negozio Nicastro’s fine Italian grocery store has everything you need to get your pasta on. The store carries an array of fine cheeses, deli meats and rare olives, among other products. Delizioso But the history of great food in the Glebe doesn’t stop there. Irene’s Pub has been a staple for the working class for three decades in the Glebe, serving up quality burgers (meat from the Glebe meat market), and the best Caesar you can find in Ottawa. It’s also the perfect place to sneak in an after-work pop or see a great live show with friends. Complement Irene’s with the dozen or so other burger joints including the Works, Pints and Quarts, Corner Bar, Original Burger Joint, Joey, Local, FarmTeam Cookhouse, Milestones, the recently opened South Street Burger, Sunset Grill, The Clocktower, Rosies Southern Kitchen, The Arrow & Loon, Jack Astor’s and Pretoria Place Restaurant, and burger heads really don’t have an excuse to ever leave the Glebe.


Fresh veggies daily at II Negozio Nicastro

The pubs all feature other favourites like chicken wings, fish and chips and delicious, golden fries. And lunch is always great at Kettleman’s Bagel Co. How can you go wrong with award-winning, world-famous bagels right here in the Glebe. The bagel shop is always packed, as workers in the area flood the place for a hearty lunch. Now, we talk fine dining. Looking to take your special someone out for a fancy meal? Is it Mother’s Day? Father’s Day? An engagement party? Whatever the fancy occasion, there are a number of equally fancy restaurants to mark your special day. In for seafood? Flippers on Bank Street is a great spot that serves everything from the catch of the day and lobster to shrimp and seafood chowder. Just downstairs is Von’s Bistro – a more casual eatery, but on the nicer side that features everything from burgers and steak to smoked duck. And if you like Oysters and mussels, Rosie’s Southern Kitchen and Raw Bar does it right. Fresh daily oysters, seafood chowder and octopus. This restaurants makes you wish you had eight mouths. The Urban Pear is another great spot to grab some fine grub in the Glebe. Tucked away from the crowd on Second Avenue, the restaurant cooks up everything from lobster cakes and an Avocado Steak to stir-fry and a filet mignon. If you are looking for smaller plates and an extensive wine list that can pop your taste buds off your tongue, 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar and Café has it all. Steak Frites, tenderloin, Salmon Cigars and over 25 wines to pair perfectly with your meal. Erlings Variety is a hip dining spot with great food and great music always playing through the speakers. Erlings has a great vibe with a solid menu of food from pickerel to smoked pork with a wild mushroom sauce. This spot will tickle your taste buds like never before. Looking for some fine Italian dining? Order the Veal scaloppini layered with spinach, prosciutto and cheese at La Strada Restaurant or the Veal tenderloin medallions with butter, sage and white wine and you won’t go home hungry. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and authentic Gnocchi. And if you are looking for a bit of a foreign taste, the Glebe can take you around the world and back with its many multi-national plates. Get a tasty, packed-to-the-brim burrito from Burrito Shack, an authentic Mexican supper at Feleena’s, fine Indian food from Shafali Bazaar, the Taj Mahal of the Glebe, Glebe Indian Cuisine and Light of India Restaurant. If you are looking for some good Lebanese Food, look no further than Jericho Lebanese Food and their in-house made hummus, fresh pitas, juicy grape leaves and an array of traditional Lebanese spices. And don’t forget Sushi, bakeries and quick meals. There are tons of great spots to fill your belly ¬– and your fridge. So come taste what the Glebe truly has to offer and take a little home with you, too. We’ve included a directory below with all of the restaurants you will see in the Glebe. Hungry yet?


Irene’s Pub 885 Bank Street, 613-230-4474

Specialty: Burgers, wings, pub food

Corner Bar & Grill 777 Bank Street, 613-565-7400

Specialty: appetizers, burgers, pizza

The Arrow & Loon 99 Fifth Ave, 613 237-0448

Specialty: Fish and Chips, Mac & Cheese, burgers

FarmTeam Cookhouse 683 Bank St. 613-680-3324

Specialty: Locally-sourced breakfast and lunch, burgers

Pints and quarts 779 Bank St, 613-235-2624

Specialty: P&Q burger: Our signature cheese burger topped with sautéed mushrooms, beer battered onion rings, chili mayo & bacon.

P&Q Burger

P&Q Burger








Local Lansdowne 825 Exhibition Way – Unit 107, 613-233-3772

Signature Dish: The Press Burger is made with hand pressed patties and fresh baked buns – all done in house. $12

Local Press Burger

Local Press Burger








Sunset Grill 100 Marche Way, 613-695-2022

Specialty: Breakfast, burgers

Rosie’s Southern Kitchen and Raw Bar 895 Bank St 613-234-7674

Specialty: Oysters, seafood chowder, mussels.

Original Burger Joint 873 Bank St, 613-421-5802

Specialty: Burgers, fish and chips

Meltdown Stuffed Burger

Meltdown Stuffed Burger








The Works 580 Bank St, 613-235-0406

Specialty: Gourmet burgers.

The Clocktower Brew Pub 575 Bank St, 613-680-5983

Specialty: Burgers, wings, pub food

South Street Burger 900 Exhibition Way, 613-422-6095

Specialty: Burgers, fries, poutine

Flapjack’s Pancake House 809 Bank St.

Specialty: Pancakes

Casual Fine dining

JOEY Lansdowne 825 Exhibition Way – Unit 101, (613) 695-5639

Signature Dish: Each of our signature sushi cones are hand-crafted in-house by our Sushi Chefs who have gone through rigorous training to master the craft. Made with a light, crisp tempura prawn and delicately wrapped in a bright soy paper they are both fresh and fun. $4.75

Sushi Cones

Sushi Cones








107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar & Café 107 Fourth Ave., Unit 1

Signature Dish: Steak-frîtes.

Steak Frites

Steak Frites








Erling’s Variety 225 Strathcona Ave. 613-231-8484

Specialty: Steak, oysters

Flipper’s 819 Bank St, 613-232-2703

Specialty: Seafood

Von’s Bistro 819 Bank St, 613-233-3277

Specialty: Steak, smoked duck

La Strada 697 Bank St, 613-567-2066

Specialty: Italian Cuisine

Hareg Café and Variety 587 Bank Street, 613-695-2488

Specialty: Ethiopian cuisine

Isabella Pizzeria 118 Isabella St, 613-565-0200

Specialty: Pizza

The Urban Pear 151 Second Ave, 613- 569-9305

Specialty: Casual Fine Dining

The Pomeroy House (Formerly Segue) 749 Bank Stree, info@thepomeroy.ca

Specialty: Opening soon!


David’s Tea 798 Bank Street, 613-236-6548 Specialty: Tea

David's Tea

David’s Tea

French Baker 801 Bank St, 613-236-7579

Specialty: Croissants, bread

La Brioche Pastry & Bakery

866 Bank St, 613-565-0002
Specialty: Mideastern and European pastries
613 565-0002

Marble Slab Creamery

773 Bank St, 613-421-6690

Specialty: Ice cream

Second Avenue Sweets

151 Second Ave, 613 233-7277

Specialty: Pastries and sweets

Truffle Treasures

769 Bank St, 613-230-3859

Specialty: Chocolate truffles

Wild Oat Bakery

817 Bank St, 613 232-6232

Specialty: Breads, pastries, sandwiches, hot lunch

Quick food

Kettleman’s Bagel Company 912 Bank St, 613-567-7100

Specialty: Montreal-style bagels

Teriyaki Experience 900 Exhibition Way, 613) 232-2929

Specialty: Asian fusion

Subway 864 Bank Street, 565-0000

Specialty: Submarine sandwiches

Booster Juice 856 Bank Street, 613-236-3028

Signature dish: Great-tasting, nutritious, and now, probiotic smoothies. Our smoothies are a mix of high quality fruits/vegetables and delicious juices blended with a silky low fat yogurt or non-fat sorbet with the customer’s choice of booster. Five servings of fruit and veggies in each of our regular smoothies. Boosters include chia seeds and hemp, among many others.

Booster Juice shakes

Booster Juice smoothies








Olga’s Deli 588 Bank St, 613-233-4341

Specialty: Sandwiches, deli meats Bakeries/Cafes

Specialty foods

The Unrefined Olive 151 A Second Avenue, 613-231-3133

Signature product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar $14 for 200ml, $22 for 375ml, $36 for 750ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar








Kardish Health Food Centre 362 Bank St, 613-224-1414

Specialty: Health Food Store

World flavours

Feleena’s 742 Bank Street, 613-233-2010

Specialty: Mexican Cuisine

Light of India 730 Bank St, 563-4411

Specialty: Indian cuisine

Jericho Lebanese Food 840 Bank St, 235-1289

Specialty: Lebanese Food

Burrito Shack 775 Bank St, 613-565-8226

Specialty: Burritos

Taj Mahal of the Glebe 925 Bank St, 613-234-1280

Specialty: Indian Cuisine

Glebe Indian Cuisine 589 Bank St, 613-230-4454

Specialty: Indian Cuisine

Naji’s 753 Bank St, 851-4999

Specialty: Mediterranean cuisine

Grocery Stores

Metro McKeen 754 Bank St, 613-232-9466

Signature product: Everything from conventional to local, organic, gluten-free, vegan and fair trade selections

Metro McKeen

Metro McKeen








Whole Foods Market 951 Bank St, 613-565-7150

Specialty: We have two signature items to be shared. The first is our amazing Tacqueria Station which serves up burritos, burrito bowls & taco’s all served with your choice of chicken, beef, pork or chilli lime tofu garnished with fresh toppings. The second is our delicious Fougasse which can be found in our Bakery Department and available in a variety of flavours including All Dressed, Calmata Olive and Tomato & Dill.

The Tacqueria station at Whole Foods

The Tacqueria station at Whole Foods








Loblaws Supermarkets

64 Isabella Street, 613-232-4128

II Negozio Nicastro 792 Bank St, Ottawa, 613-237-3209

Specialty: Italian deli

II Negozio Nicastro

II Negozio Nicastro