Help Us Create The Great Glebe Photo Album

May 31, 2017 | by glebeadmin

W.J. Lintell and Sons food market, as seen in January 1954 (left) and the same building that now houses Bridgehead, 63 years later. City of Ottawa Archives.

What was it like watching the Ottawa Rough Riders win a Grey Cup at Lansdowne Park in 1939?

What did the Glebe Collegiate Griffons uniforms look like in the 1940s? How do they look today?

What were some of the goods bargain hunters snagged during the very first Great Glebe Garage Sale in 1986? Rubik’s Cubes? A Walkman? A cell phone the size of a small child? We want you to show us.

We are building a visual timeline of this great neighbourhood over the last 150 years to help celebrate Canada’s big 150 birthday, and we need your help to do it.

We’re calling on you – readers, residents and relics – to dig through those old boxes of photos and negatives that your great grandfather gave you: we want to see images of you, your family and friends in the Glebe, from generation to generation. What about today’s Glebe? Scroll through your smartphone, tablet, or computer and contribute photos to a Great Glebe Photo Album to show how life in the Glebe has changed as we celebrate 150 years of Confederation.

“The Glebe is a historic neighbourhood in Ottawa, rich with fascinating history that tells the story of another time, another era before social media and Instagram made it possible to document and publish every living moment of our time,” says Glebe BIA Executive Director Andrew Peck.

“This is our country’s 150th year, so let’s look at our nation through the lens of our distinct neighbourhood and reflect on how lucky we are to live, work and play in such a wonderful place.”

There’s a wealth of history in the Glebe – from the construction of the beautifully designed Aberdeen Pavilion in 1898  – to the redevelopment of Lansdowne in 2012. A lot has happened in between, and we need you to help us fill in the visual gaps.  We encourage you to scan and upload images to Instagram using the hashtag #MyGlebe and tag us at @intheglebe to help tell the story.  Don’t have Instagram? E-mail us your photos at info@localhost and we will share them for you. Let’s all enjoy these memories together as we celebrate 150 years as a country and community.

Be sure to check us out online at www.localhost and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@intheglebe) as we move into a new digital frontier in the Glebe. We are capturing everything that is happening today, but we need you to help us tell the story of the last 150 years. It’s important to reflect on how our country and community has changed since Confederation in 1867 – and what better way to celebrate our future than by embracing our past? Happy birthday, Canada.

Please note that by submitting or posting photos online and tagging @intheglebe, that you consent for these images used and/or shared by the Glebe BIA.