Gobble, Gobble! It’s Easter in the Glebe

March 28, 2018 | by glebeadmin

"Everything you need for that perfect Easter dinner

You may not have won our Gobble Gobble Giveaway in the Glebe –the incredible Easter package that featured a 20-pound bird, a state-of-the-art carving knife, a slick new turkey roaster and $100 to spend on all the fixings – but you still do have a family of 10 to feed, and we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you have the in-laws coming and you want to impress them. Maybe you’re cooking your first-ever turkey for friends who can’t make it home for the holiday. Perhaps you’ve been invited to a neighbour’s Easter dinner and you need to show up with something fancy.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can certainly grab it all here in the Glebe.

Let’s start with the bird. You’ll want a succulent, juicy turkey that will finally get your mother-in-law’s stamp of approval. Your first stop in the Glebe should be to the Glebe Meat Market, where owner Stef Sauve has got some of the finest fowls the city has to offer. You can simply tell him how many you’re cooking for and he’ll set you up with something juicy and delicious. He’ll even give you tips on how to cook it properly. The Meat Market can do up bone-in hams and stuffing to complete that perfect meal.

Looking for fixings? Head to McKeen Metro Glebe, where the local grocery store has everything you need to complete the meal. The store has cauliflower and French beans on special at 2 for $5. Grab an Irresistible Artisan Apple Pie on special this week for $5.99.

Thinking about switching it up this year? Head to Whole Foods Market at Lansdowne and pick up a whole boneless leg of lamb for $2.49/100 grams. Pick up a tray of cooked shrimp for appetizers for $2.89 per 100 grams.

Looking to completely impress this Easter? Head to Loblaws on Isabella Street and pick up the Whole Beef Tenderloin Oven Roast for just $49.95. This deal is only good for this Thursday and Saturday. The grocery store also has produce on sale all weekend.

How are you going to cook all of this? You’ll need a nice roasting pan, perhaps from The Glebe Emporium or JD Adam. The two kitchen stores have everything you need, and things you didn’t know you needed like a veggie Spiralizer, or a meat thermometer. Need a carving knife? Head to Knifewear and take your pick of the stunning roster of stainless steel or carbon Japanese blades. You’ve cooked a perfect bird, so you may as well cut it properly.

Now, you’re going to need dessert. The Glebe has scores of bakeries and sweet spots to get that perfect treat for post-dinner. Check out the amazing cakes at Sweet Bite, or Tamis Café, pick up a box of silky milk chocolate from Lindt, or try some of the delicious creations at Second Avenue Sweets. Alicja Confections has some chocolate bunnies and other goodies, while The Joy of Gluten Free has your sensitive tummies covered. Ichiban Bakery is another good sweet spot, as is La Brioche down the street.

What about booze? You’ll need to have your wine rack stocked and your beer fridge full. Take a trip down to the Wine Rack on Bank Street. They’ve got a Magnetic North Riesling on sale for $10.95 as well as a Strut Red Over Heels on for $10.

The LCBO is featuring its Thirty Bench Riesling and its Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc this week for $17.95 and $15.95, respectively. And all the beer you can think of is at The Beer Store – from domestic Budweisers to Heineken and all your favourite imports.

Gobble, Gobble in the Glebe.