Glebe Spree Gift Guide: Everything and the Kitchen Sink

December 9, 2016 | by glebeadmin

GiftsAre you looking for that perfect gift for the aspiring chef in your family?

Tired of rushing your wife or hubby to the hospital every New Year’s Day because he or she nicked their finger while trying to shave garlic as thin as Paul Cicero does in Goodfellas?

You’re in luck.

For our second installment of our Glebe Spree Holiday Gift Guide, we give you the ins and outs of the working kitchen, featuring everything from today’s trendiest tools to kitchen must-haves for every holiday season.

A quick stroll along Bank Street in the Glebe reveals a few unique kitchen stops to get your cook on.

Let’s start with the rookies.

Grab yourself a Pop-Up Turkey Timer for your Christmas dinner.

Grab yourself a Pop-Up Turkey Timer for your Christmas dinner.

So, you’re having your in-laws over for Christmas dinner. The last thing you want is your dad-in-law to bite into a big bird and have to get rushed to the emergency room with salmonella poisoning. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a Pop-Up Thermometer under the tree Christmas morning, so you can avoid being banned from ever cooking the family meal again? Tell your gift-giver to pop over to The Glebe Emporium and pick up a Fox Run Poultry Timer – a pop up thermometer that will let you know when your turkey is at the perfect temperature to serve. Just $4 makes it the perfect little stocking stuffer.

While you’re at the Emporium, grab a handmade cutting board made by custom furniture maker Glen Foster of Wakefield, Quebec. The boards are stylish, useful and made from leftover wood from his bigger furniture projects. The cutting boards range in size and go for between $18 and $42.


Paderno Pizza Baking Stone

But before you leave the store, pick up a perfect pizza stone for that crazy pizza chef in your family. Never worry about soggy crust again, as this Paderno Pizza Baking Stone and Rack makes that perfectly crispy crust. Now you’re throwing a pizza party on New Year’s Eve, aren’t you?

Well, if you’re loved one is going to throw a New Year’s pizza party, they’re going to need a good knife to slice through those vegetables. Look no further than Knifewear on Bank Street – you’re one stop shop for rare Japanese knives. Starting with the occasional cooker, staff at Knifewear recommend the Tojiro Red Handle knife. It’s made of a Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel, meaning it’s easy to keep clean and rust free. Just $79 is the perfect starter knife for that special aspiring chef in your family.


Tojiro Red Handle knife

If you’ve got someone who spends more time in the kitchen than they do with you, you might want to step it up a notch with the Masakage Kiri knife. The all hand-made knife features a VG10 steel blade, which won’t rust and will keep its razor-sharp edge for months. It’s got a Magnolia wood handle for that fine, smooth grip that will help you slice veggies like butter. At $189, it’s that special gift for your entry level chef.

Now, if you’re loved one is going to be on the next season of Top Chef Canada, then you’ll need to send them off with the Takeda NAS knife that features a blue carbon steel blade and a rosewood handle. This $406 knife is completely handmade, by the eye, meaning no two Takeda NAS knives are identical. This carbon blade will keep its sharp edge for up to two years and is one of the top chef knives in the industry. Chop chop.


Alligator Chopper Set

Now, if the cook in your family is more of the “I’m too lazy to chop vegetables,” type, then head over to Capital Home Hardware and pick up the Kuraidori Alligator Chopper Set and you’ll never have to worry about slicing your finger off with a sharp Japanese knife. The chopper set includes a large chopper, a chipper attachment and a mini chopper for all your needs. The set comes with collector bowls for easy cleanup. $49.97 will have you chopping like crazy.
And if there is someone in your family that loves chicken wings, French fries, deep fried Oreos or fish & chips, then grab the new Kuraidori Air Cooker that uses high speed hot air circulation to cook all your classics. The air cooker uses less oil and is much healthier than traditional deep fryers. Your family will be cooking everything with air.

The cooker goes for $169 at Capital Home Hardware.



Whiskey Tasting Set

Now what about drinks? Does your dad love scotch and whiskey? Why not get him a Whiskey Tasting Set from J.D. Adam Kitchen Co. The new Les Impitoyables Whisky Tasting Set will chill whiskey without the use of ice and will chill your drink for 30 minutes without upsetting it or creating a temperature shock that would inhibit the release of scents. At just $50 you’ll be cheersing all night.

But before you leave JD Adam, you might want to pick up the hot new Good Grips Vegetable Spiralizer that is all the rage these days. Spiralizers are popular among raw food dieters, but have gained popularity among those with sensitivities to gluten. The spiralizers allow you to make noodles from both fruits and vegetables. The spiralizers come in a mini version for $19.95 or the large model for $59.95.

But don’t stop there, pick up the new Garlic Twist for $26.95 and your entire family will have to carry breath mints with them wherever you go. The Garlic Twist will allow you to chop up an entire bulb of garlic in seconds. Toss in some nuts, olives, ginger, peppers or anything else you want to grind up.


The Garlic Twist

Bon Appetit!

Tune in next week when we highlight the many ways to Pamper Your Pet in the Glebe.