Glebe Spree $1,000 winners set to spend free cash in the Glebe

December 23, 2018 | by glebeadmin


There aren’t many better ways to get to know a neighbourhood than to spend $1,000 of free cash at local shops.

Lorraine Henault is finding that out after winning one of our Glebe Spree $1,000 weekly prizes after purchasing new spectacles at Optical Excellence. It was her first time playing Glebe Spree and she struck big with $1,000 to spend in the Glebe. Although she isn’t familiar with many of the Glebe shops, she doesn’t think it will be difficult finding nice things to buy for her and her hubby.

"“That’s not going to be too hard,” she said through a chuckle.

“I am just going to take a nice day and walk the stores and look around and something might just come to my mind.”

Henault was tipped off about the contest by a friend while shopping at Escape Clothing, and she’s certain now that she will be returning to the Glebe every holiday season to stock up on Christmas gifts. She couldn’t believe the news when she was alerted that she had won $1,000.

“I was very surprised,” she added.

"“We thought at first it was a scam.”

Corina Curran was also shocked to get the winning phone call – and the loyal Glebe Spree shopper was thrilled when reality sunk in.

“I was so surprised to win, I’ve never won anything,” said Curran, alongside her young daughter at Shoppers Drug Mart, where she entered her winning ballot.

Curran has been a loyal local shopper for years and said the money will be spent at an array of shops throughout the Glebe – everything from pampering herself to treating her daughter to toys at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s.

“It’s very exciting,” she says.

“We will be at the toy shop of course, I am going to buy some nice perfumes at Shoppers Drug Mart to treat myself, maybe something nice at Magpie Jewellery, or something nice at a beauty salon and maybe a sweater for my husband at Sporting Life. Everybody is going to get something.”

Todd Snelgrove likes eating out – and he will be treating his wife to delicious grub throughout the Glebe with his winnings. What doesn’t get spent on indulgent nights out will be spent on groceries at Loblaws, where Snelgrove entered his ballot.

“We eat almost every day,” he joked.

“I know my wife likes Joey, so we will be hitting up Joey, and I love the Indian food restaurant, the Taj Mahal. We go out to restaurants once in a while, but we will probably be going a bit more.”


Snelgrove said the $1,000 winnings come at the perfect time during typically expensive holidays.

“It’s awesome,” adds Snelgrove. “It’s fantastic, it’s a really nice Christmas surprise.”

Kim Aiello also won $1,000 and will treat her family to a number of activities over the holidays.

There’s just one draw left for Glebe Spree, and it’s the big, $10,000 shopping spree, so get your ballots in before Jan. 1 for a shot at winning the big prize.

We would like to send out a huge thank you to our sponsors, Mckeen Metro Glebe and BMO Lansdowne Branch, as well as the 30-plus businesses who donated an instant-win prize for this year’s promotion.

Get shopping, Glebe Spree ends Dec. 31 at midnight. Good luck!