Glebe Spree $1,000 prize winners living it up in the Glebe

December 19, 2017 | by glebeadmin

Pamela Wilson poses for a photo at Davidson’s Jewellers in the Glebe

There aren’t many better ways to do your Christmas shopping than with an extra $1,000 in your pocket.

Four lucky shoppers in the Glebe got just that after winning our weekly Glebe Spree $1,000 cash prizes over the last month – and the winnings have turned holiday shopping in the glebe into a spree-ful adventure for the winners.

“I really would like to buy some cross-country skis from Kunstadt Sports, so I can get outside and be part of the Ottawa winters,” says winner and Glebe resident Pamela Wilson.

“Apart from that, my Christmas shopping is all done (in the Glebe) so I will likely dine out a bit at our favorite spots, The Rowan, and Sen Asian Cuisine And I am definitely getting back to Oresta Organic Skin Care for a facial, the best facial I have ever had.”

Wilson, who just moved to the Glebe from the USA, says she loves shopping in the Glebe, as it feels more like a village than a city – with the butcher, baker, candlestick maker vibe that you want in any small community. She’s a big champion for buying local, and the money has helped her explore the many ma and pa shops along Bank Street and beyond.

“I love getting to know the shop owners, I feel like I’m part of a community,” adds Wilson.

“Plus, I really feel like my dollar spent here is more valued and appreciated than an Amazon purchase. I am a big supporter of shop small/ shop local. My husband and I also just moved to the Glebe from the States, and shopping in the Glebe makes us feel like we are part of a community, a family and welcomed in our new home.”

For Carmela Parent, the winnings have made her life over the holidays a lot easier. The mother of three boys who all have sensitive food intolerance, the prize has given her plenty of cash to spend at Whole Foods Market and McKeen Metro Glebe, along with dinners out at Joey Lansdowne and some pampering at Accent on Beauty. She is looking forward to spending a lavish night out with friends and family on New Year’s Eve.

“We will continue our New Years’ Eve tradition of pizza at Industria Pizzeria and Bar – pizza for the family and my niece and nephew who are coming to Ottawa. The Kids are excited to have dinner and go skating and enjoy New Year’s at Lansdowne.”

Glebe residents Cindy Scott and Jennifer Lamont were the other two Glebe Spree $1,000 winners.

We still have one final $1,000 prize to be awarded this Friday, and it could be you. Get your ballots in before Wednesday, December 20 for one final shot at the last $1,000 prize. But don’t fret if your wallet doesn’t grow by 10 $100 bills. You’ll still be in the running for our grand prize $10,000 Glebe shopping spree. Download a ballot today at, or pick one up at any participating Glebe business and start shopping in the Glebe.