Get 30% off Spiegelworld’s Empire for final weekend

August 17, 2015 | by glebeadmin

If you haven’t seen Spiegelworld’s Empire yet, it’s time for you to take a little trip back to New York City in the 1800s to witness what a burlesque show was really like.

Organizers of the witty, comedic, acrobatic and raunchy circus and burlesque show have propped up their velour-draped mirrored tent at Lansdowne’s South Court for close to a month of high-flying performance.

There is only one week left and now’s your chance to get inside the fabled Spiegeltent and see one of the most outrageous circus shows you could ever imagine.

Organizers are offering 30 per cent off for the final week of performances for anybody wanting to see the show. It’s an offer you shouldn’t refuse.

The show boasts everything from raunchy comedy to high-risk acrobatics. (Don’t stand up during the roller-skating duo, or you may get decapitated.)

A contortionist bending herself above the crowd while spinning in a giant bubble; a Hoola Hoop genius and the most intense balancing act you’ve ever seen – all in 90 minutes at Lansdowne.

Then, there is the comedy. Nearly everyone in the tent was in stitches as kooky characters dropped their pants, donned ridiculous costumes or pulled poor spectators onstage for some laughs at their expense.

You’ll surely walk away thinking, “I didn’t expect that.”

Empire runs Tuesday through Sunday for its final week at Lansdowne. But, for the final week, Spiegelworld is offering 30 per cent off tickets. Simply click here for the ticket page, then click “Promo Partner” and enter the code “Circus.”

The final show for Spiegelworld is Sunday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m.