Deserving family wins $10,000 Glebe Spree Grand Prize

January 17, 2018 | by glebeadmin

When Nadine Hodgson got an email saying that she had won a $10,000 shopping spree in the Glebe, she didn’t believe it.

Although the mother of two has been playing Glebe Spree since its inception, winning a shopping spree was the last thing on her mind.

Hodgson and her husband Andrew had just spent two weeks at the hospital, where their two-month-old daughter Siena was rushed in for an emergency operation. The young couple was just looking forward to getting home with a healthy baby when the good news came in.

“It was unbelievable,” said Nadine during a cheque presentation at Glebe Spree sponsor business McKeen Metro Glebe Tuesday.

“When I first opened the email, I thought it couldn’t be true. I actually had to get my husband to read it and confirm that was the case. Even then, we still were in shock.”

But it didn’t take long to sink in. Immediately after receiving their cheque, the family strolled across the street to Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s, where their three-year-old son Theo was told that he could get anything he wanted. And he did.

The young boy’s eyes grew wider and wider as he rapidly browsed through colourful toys lined on shelves around the store. From Lego to Playmobile, board games to books, little Theo was in his own heaven. In the end, he settled on a stuffed kitten, and a plastic warrior’s sword.

As for Andrew and Nadine, they haven’t fully decided how they will spend their winnings, but they are eyeing a trip to Florida in the spring through Flight Centre – and that nagging bathroom renovation may actually get off the ground this year. And after the “emotional roller coaster” they went through over Christmas with their daughter, who is now fully healthy, the couple may look to sneak out for a nice romantic dinner to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

“We haven’t been to the Rowan yet, and we would really like to try it,” adds Nadine. “A lot of people have been recommending it to us.”

The couple will likely make a few trips to Sporting Life for ski gear, perhaps a movie night or two, and some browsing at stores they haven’t scoped out yet. Nadine’s husband isn’t worried about finding places to spend the winnings on.

“We love the Glebe, we shop here daily,” he says.

“The walkability, the proximity to stores. You’ve got all of Lansdowne and all the variety of shops along Bank Street.”

For Nadine, winning the extra cash means she can even take more time off to spend with their new baby. How perfect?

“We can’t think of a more deserving family than the Hodgsons to win this special prize,” says Glebe BIA Executive Director Andrew Peck. This year’s Canada 150 special edition contest proved to be the most successful contest to date with more than 32,000 entries made – a 67 per cent increase of last year’s all-time record high. Glebe Spree 150 also featured more prizes than ever before with 75 daily giveaways, five cash prizes of $1,000 and the big $10,000 grand prize.

“What a way to end such a monumental year, both in our neighbourhood and in the nation’s capital, as we celebrated Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. Thank you to everyone who participated – businesses, shoppers, and our sponsors Mckeen Metro Glebe and Bank of Montreal Glebe Branch.”

The Glebe BIA would like to also thank the more than 160 businesses who participated this year, and the nearly 40 businesses who contributed an Any Day prize to this year’s contest.