December 29th Only Two Days Left To Win Your $10,000 Glebe-Spree!

December 29, 2011 | by glebeadmin

Christmas may be over, but the Glebe-Spree Passport contest isn’t. You’ve still got a little time to get in those last ballots and enter to win a $10,000 Glebe-Spree.

It’s so easy to fill those ballots, too. Catch a few of the Boxing Week sales in the Glebe. Spend some of the cash you may have got for Christmas. Meet up with some friends for coffee, drinks, or dinner. Even get your car safety inspected! Every $20 spent gets you a stamp.

Are you making New Year’s Resolutions—such as joining a gym, taking up yoga, eating healthier, or maybe fixing up your smile? Any of the health clubs, grocery stores, and professionals listed in your Glebe-Spree Passport are giving out stamps, so go see them soon. And by soon, we mean “by Saturday.”

What about New Year’s Eve? Got your outfit ready, right down to the shoes? Have you made your hair appointment? What restaurant are you going to? Those are great ways to get those last-minute stamps!

And don’t forget your New Year’s breakfast or brunch. Stock up on everything you need by Saturday—like groceries, wine and champagne, fresh baked breads and other goodies. Imagine, your pancakes and mimosas could win you a $10,000 Glebe-Spree!

So far, over 5,000 ballots have been entered in the Glebe-Spree contest. We hope one of them is yours. And if it isn’t, you’ve still got three days left, so get shopping, and good luck!