Competition heating up for Snowphy Trophy Challenge

February 5, 2019 | by glebeadmin


The competition is heating up for the Glebe’s Snowphy Trophy Challenge – a neighbourhood-wide snowman building contest that pits neighbour vs. neighbour, friend vs. foe and family vs. family.

So far, there have been four chilly creations entered in the contest, including a tiny, itty bitty snow penguin and a giant, eight-foot snowman named Ernie.

Do you have what it takes to beat these snowy masterpieces? Cooking up your own best frosty? Enter now and you could win a prize package from Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s, Alicja Confections and a movie night for two at Cineplex Lansdowne. Plus, perhaps the most coveted prize is having your name engraved on our spiffy new Snowphy Trophy – and bragging rights for the entire year.

The contest is part of Snowmania, the Glebe’s official event for Winterlude 2019, which features a series of snow sculptures that celebrate Canadian wildlife. Tour Bank Street and see these larger-than-life sculptures of a Canadian beaver, a snowy owl, a seal, a pesky little squirrel, and a majestic, eight-foot polar bear overlooking the patio at Pure Gelato at Bank Street and Fifth Avenue.

Participants are encouraged to build any snow creation they desire – a classic snowman, an iconic Canadian animal to go along with our winter zoo or a complex sculpture that will wow our judges. Builders can simply enter the contest online via social media by posting a photo of their creation using the hashtag #snowphytrophy or by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at @intheglebe. Submissions can also be entered via email to The contest closes on Family Day, February 18.

Meet some of our Snowphy Trophy contestants:


Chilly Vanderfreeze

Chilly Vanderfreeze is approximately 20 days old and is as happy as they come. His giant glitter smile, coal eyes, carrot nose and blue hat and scarf make this creation pop out in the snowy surroundings. He’s even got Christmas lights wrapped around him to help him light the way for residents and visitors. Welcome to the Glebe, Chilly.


Meet Igloo, one of the cutest, most adorable snowpersons we’ve ever seen. He’s about a foot-and-a-half tall and sports coulourful yellow, green and red buttons. His candy cane-style scarf pulls the whole outfit together and is topped off by the most perfect black hat. Size doesn’t matter.

"Super Snow Penguin

This little guy looks like he came out of the snow a little too soon. The six to eight-inch creation seems like he is cold. He’s got no clothes on – no buttons, no scarf and only a leaf of kale for a hat, but then again, he is a penguin! This little guy needs some love.


This guy is standing tall. Meet Ernie, the eight-foot snowman who is setting the standard for the Snowphy Trophy Challenge. But it’s not all about size, remember. But Ernie does have a lot more going for him than just his height. He’s the perfect classic snowman, complete with a carrot nose, a coal smile and two pinecones for eyes.

Can your snowman beat big Ernie? Can you get any cuter than Igloo? The weather is perfect for snowman-building, so grab your tools and get building.

Remember to use #snowphytrophy online to enter or submit via email to