Come Do a Glebe Art Crawl!

June 7, 2022 | by glebeadmin

We all know that the Glebe is full of cute shops and interesting restaurants, and it’s right by the beautiful Rideau Canal.  But did you know that the Glebe is also a neighbourhood full of art? It is! This summer the Glebe BIA will be highlighting the art and artists that help make our neighbourhood the beautiful place it is. First up is our first-ever virtually guided, Glebe art crawl.  

The Glebe is home to stunning murals, abstract installations, renowned art galleries, and some hidden, eye-catching pieces. If you’re looking for a way to get outside, engage with the community, and maybe learn something new, follow our map to see the sights. Some highlights: 

  • The Glebe showcases 15 murals, each telling their own story.  
  • We are home to three art galleries.
  • We have (at least!) four art installations.  

Here is your one stop shop for a tour of our art pieces and a route for you to check them out yourself. Feel free to start at any part of the tour and find your own route, as well! 

We’ve created a map and a guide to help you appreciate the art. Come on down to the Glebe and take a look!  

Plants Make People Happy (Coming Soon) 

This mural is coming soon to the north-facing wall of Top of the World at Bank St. and Pretoria. It will be painted by artist Kasia Niton who runs Sunny Street Studio and also paints Glebe shop windows for the holiday season. If you pop by in June, you’ll see this artwork in progress! Thanks to the City of Ottawa for their generous support of this mural and many others in our neighbourhood!    

Next, you’ll want to check out the North-end Glebe Sign that welcomes visitors to our neighbourhood. 

This sign was a Glebe BIA project, designed by our friends at Aerographics and built in collaboration with a team of dedicated volunteer residents, stakeholders and creative professionals. Located on the corner of Bank and Chamberlain, this bright sign welcomes people to the Glebe as they arrive from the North.

Groovy Glebe 
And while you’re there, it’ll be hard to miss the giant Groovy Glebe mural directly behind it. 

Painted in 2020, this mural welcomes all guests entering from the North Side of the Glebe on the Reliable Parts north-facing wall. Painted by Jocelyn Galipeau. 

Free Solo 
Next, cross the street and look up! Free Solo is there for you to admire. 

Painted in 2019, this mural is placed on the south-facing wall of Studio B. Painted by Dominic Laporte. 

Kunstadt Mural
Continue your walk down Bank Street and you’ll come across Kunstadt Sports. This shop is decorated from one side to the other with murals. 

Painted in 2020 by Fall Down. This colourful mural is an homage to Ottawa’s thriving outdoor sporting scene.

Bench View
Keep strolling along Bank, and once you pass First Ave. you’ll be coming up to the hotspot. First, you have Bench View. 

Painted in 2017, this mural is on the north-facing wall of Cantina Gia. Painted by Ryan Smeeton. 

Feleena’s Cantina Mural  
On the east side of Bank, you’ll find Feleena’s Cantina. The same artist who painted Groovy Glebe has decorated both the inside and outside of this fun restaurant.

These stunning murals were done by Jocelyn Galipeau, in 2019. The interior is just as vibrant as the exterior. 

Morning Glory
Head one more block south to Second Ave. and you’ll see the bright Morning Glory mural. 

Painted in 2016, this mural is on the north-facing wall of our Bridgehead. Painted by Roll Her Sleeves. 

Breathe Over. 
Walk west and look up! That’s where you’ll find Breathe Over. 

Breathe Over 
Painted in 2018, this mural is on the Bridgehead west-facing wall. Take a few steps west on Second Ave and spin around to see it!  Painted by Jocelyn Galipeau. 

Create a Spark
By the next block you’ll be able to find Create a Spark on the corner of Davidson’s Jewellers. 

Painted in 2021, this mural was recently added to the south-facing wall of Davidson’s Jewellers. Artist Dan Metcalfe envisioned this mural to be bright and vibrant and to illuminate the Glebe after a year of living in a pandemic world. The hand holding the sparkler is meant to uplift people.  Painted by Dan Metcalfe.  

Wild Read
And directly across from that you’ll lay your eyes on the giant Wild Read mural.

Painted in 2018, this mural sits on the north-facing wall of Negozio Nicastro’s. Painted by Santiago Castro, Sebastian Garcia, and Camilo Fidel Lopez. Over the summer you can appreciate the mural in a cozy seating area created by architect Richard Corbeil and installed with the help of the Glebe Community Association and the Glebe BIA.  

Nature Entwined 
Take a tiny stroll West to find the stunning Nature Entwined mural on our amazing local bookstore Octopus Books. 

Painted in 2021, this mural makes a beautiful addition to the east-facing wall of Octopus Books. Artist Dominic Laporte submitted this mural stating that the concept behind the piece is to offer a contemporary take on bird watching through street art and by showcasing some of the local varieties of birds and floral arrangements. Painted by Dominic Laporte. 

Redhead Republic 
Next up, you’re going to want to cross the street and look up! That’s where you’ll find Redhead Republic.

Redhead Republic 
Painted in 2018, this mural is on the JD Adam south-facing wall. Painted by Golbon Motalji. 

Flying Over 
Head a few metres south you’ll come across an alley way that has Flying Over and Glebe’s Garden waiting for you. 

Painted in 2015, this mural adorns the south-facing wall of Little Victories. Painted by Dan Metcalfe. 

Painted in 2021, this mural is on the north-facing wall of the Good Cannabis co. Painted by Dan Metcalfe & Pat Buck. 

Jaya Krishnan Visual Arts Gallery 
Directly beside them is home to Jaya Krishnan Art. 

Jaya Krishnan Visual Arts Gallery, 807 Bank Street. 
Through his unique painting and artistic style, Jaya Krishnan has earned an enviable reputation as a true artist in the Ottawa Region. His paintings also hang along the walls of many Glebe businesses, including Von’s Bistro.  

Wild Growth 
And at the end of the block is home to Wild Oat and its Wild Growth mural. 

Painted in 2015, this mural showcases our beloved Wild Oat. Painted by Roll Her Sleeves. 

The Start of a Fable 
And before leaving that block make sure to cross the street and check out the The Start of a Fable mural in the courtyard just across the road on the west side of Bank St. 

Painted in 2019, this mural is placed on the south-facing wall of Shoe+Shoe. Painted by Mique Michelle. You can view it from the parkette of the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, another Glebe BIA community collaboration.  

Jericho (Raouf Omar Art Gallery)

The Raouf Omar Art Gallery, 840 Bank Street 
When you step into Jericho for some amazing Middle Easter and Mediterranean foods, you are also stepping into The Raouf Omar Gallery – with his unique style of painting and stained glass work, the walls shine with colors and forms that remind that you are in a pleasant Middle Eastern inspired restaurant. 

Studio Sixty Six 
Just after Fifth Ave, on the second floor of 858 Bank St., you’ll come across Studio Sixty Six. 

Studio Sixty Six, 101-858 Bank Street 
Founded in 2013, Studio Sixty Six represents Canadian contemporary artists who produce high-quality artworks reflective of our shared human experiences. Their team brings a wide variety of skills and expertise that makes building your art collection informative, fun, and tailored to you. 

The Rowan Mural 
One block south and across the street you’ll find the gorgeous mural on the side of The Rowan. 

Painted in 2018, this mural was commissioned by The Rowan and adorns their south-facing wall. Painted by Dominic Laporte. 

South Glebe Sign 
In 2021 the Glebe BIA added a south sign to compliment the one in the north. Don’t miss this “hello and goodbye” to all visitors of our neighbourhood. Come grab a picture and enjoy the bench nestled under the trees at the South end. 

Peace Flowers 
Swing on over to Lansdowne, take a stroll past Cineplex and you’ll find the Peace Flowers mural. 

Painted in 2021, this mural was a gift from the Embassy of Belgium in Canada. It is located in the pedestrian alley between Holmwood Ave and Marche Way. “The work, by Belgian artist  Tom Cech, evokes moments in history when Canada and Belgium crossed paths and bonded in times of peace and war. His powerful modern art wall consists of two colourfully intertwining symbolic flowers and two inspiring Canadian figures.” 

Moving Surfaces 
After you check out that mural, since you’ll already be at Lansdowne, why not head east to the Great Lawn and check out Moving Surfaces by Jill Anholt. “Located along the bank of the Rideau Canal, the work is inspired by the site’s history and culture which is inextricably linked to moving water. An iconic-scaled undulating surface created from folded stainless-steel shapes provides a dynamic canvas for changing light displays at night and for the play of shade and shadow during the day”. Come find it at the east-end of the TD stadium, in daytime or night! 

Cows Fly Home on Sunday 
And before you go, why not check out the famous Cows Fly Home on Sunday. Made by Tim DesClouds, it is in front of the iconic Aberdeen Pavilion. Made of brass and copper, this installation also doubles as a weathervane! 

Speaking of Tim DesClouds, you’ve probably seen these art installations showcased around the Glebe. Abstract and confusing? Definitely. Creative and visually stimulating? Absolutely. These 22 pieces located at 15 sites are the work of Tim DesClouds and have been decorating our neighbourhood for fifteen years now. Can you find them all? 

Bonus: Have you found the bear sculpture by the Christopher Griffin Art Studio at Oresta Organics? The sculpture and the etching on the building itself are works of art by the previous owner, Christopher Griffin.

Whether you check out just one, or you check out them all. We are so happy to showcase and bring this art to life for the public. The Glebe neighbourhood is art, and we will always keep it that way. Happy art crawling!