The best part of waking up, is Glebe coffee in your cup

March 19, 2019 | by glebeadmin


Coffee and specialty drink lovers rejoice, coming to Lansdowne March 23 is Ottawa’s inaugural Coffee Fest. The historic Horticulture building will be buzzing with activity as local coffee shops and roasters share their passion and love for the coffee bean. Whether you take yours black, with a splash of cream or milk, or a healthy spoonful of sugar, you’re bound to find that perfect cup of joe.

In the spirit of celebrating the coffee bean, and its sibling caffeine, here are some must-see locations in the Glebe where you can get your coffee or specialty drink all year ‘round. And don’t forget to check out Coffee Fest on March 23.

Hareg Café & Variety Restaurant

“The word coffee is derived from the word Kaffa, a region in Ethiopia,” says Wondwossen Tsegaw, owner of Hareg Café & Restaurant. Natural light streams through the large front window over a low table arranged with small coffee cups on saucers, and a small electric cooktop. In front of the table are several three-legged leather stools to sit on. At Hareg Café, Wondwossen toasts unroasted coffee beans, grinding them into a Jebena – an Ethiopian coffee pot, made from clay with a long neck and spout.

The freshly roasted beans bring out a heavenly toasted flavor to the drink, and the Jebena gives the coffee mild earthy tones. With this coffee tasting experience, Wondwossen brings a delightful slice of his home country’s coffee history and tradition into the Glebe. Check out Hareg Café & Variety here.


With 19 locations throughout Ottawa, Bridgehead coffee is a great local coffee chain.  Located at Bank Street and Second Avenue, the Glebe’s Bridgehead is nestled at the corner of Bank Street and Second Avenue – and is guaranteed to provide you with excellent service and great coffee. For more info about Bridgehead, visit them online.


If you’re on the go and in a hurry, or causally window shopping along Bank Street, McDonald’s – at the corner of Fifth Avenue – is a guaranteed good choice for a to-go cup of coffee. Their freshly ground beans and fast service make it a great choice for any day, and any occasion. Check out McDonald’s here.

Cacao 70

Located at Lansdowne, Cacao 70 is a great spot too if you’re going on a date, or just looking for a restaurant with a variety of sweet treats. If you love coffee and have a sweet tooth that needs filling, then be sure to try out their espresso with ice cream. Check them out online here to see their full menu.

Café Morala

Café Morala is a lovely little coffee shop independently owned and operated by Miriam Rangel. With its Mexican décor reflecting Miriam’s native country, it is certainly a local-favorite for not only their coffee but tasty food as well. Visit them online here.


New to the Glebe in 2018, owners Cory and Marhlee brew Pilot Coffee beans from Toronto – an ode to their time spent working in the service industry in Toronto. Whether its Marhlee or one of their staff making your drink, they sure know what good coffee looks and tastes like at Eldon’s. Click here for more information.

Ichiban Bakery

Beyond their deliciously light and fluffy Japanese cream cheese buns, Ichiban Bakery also brews up great coffee. Sit down in the charming café with a specialty coffee or regular brew and treat yourself to one of their addictive baked goods. Check out more of their tasty treats and beverages on their website.

Il Negozio Nicastro

Proudly serving Illy coffee, Nicastro’s has a snug little coffee bar in the back — the perfect place to sit down and enjoy an espresso or latte with a biscotti while flipping through the Glebe Report. The family’s history is cataloged in beautiful black-and-white photographs along the store’s walls.  Be sure to ask for the store’s owner, David Nicastro, to tell you about the photos and his family’s history from Italy to Ottawa.

Little Victories Coffee

The Little Victories Coffee brand has been spreading all over Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. With dozens of restaurants carrying their beans, we’re happy that they opened their second location in the Glebe. New to Little Victories – and Canada – is their Voga Coffee Cyclops Batch Brewer. The only cyclops in Canada, the immersion coffee brewer is like a French press. However, the unit itself resembles something from the Starship Enterprise.Visit Little Victories here.

Pure Gelato

Keeping with the authentic Italian ingredients, Pure Gelato brews illy coffee. From espressos, cappuccinos, to coffee, Pure Gelato is a great place to sit and sip while watching the bustle of the Glebe through the store’s large windows. Click here to visit Pure Gelato online.


Starbucks is a trusted brand name in the world of coffee. With terrific service and consistently great coffee, Starbucks is always a safe bet. . Be sure to try their new cloud macchiato. Hot or cold, the cloud macchiato has that espresso boost at the bottom, with fluffy and light cold foam, topped with caramel drizzle. Get yours at the corner of Bank & Third. Click here to visit Starbucks online.

Whole Foods

Unique to Ottawa’s Whole Foods in Lansdowne is its Allegro coffee bar. Whether it’s morning, noon, or night, coffee lovers can enjoy freshly brewed Allegro coffee made to order. Alongside the coffee bar is a large assortment of drinks, snacks, and sweets. See their coffee bar and more online.

Wild Oat & Bakery

A Glebe institution, the Wild Oat & Bakery has been brewing coffee and serving delicious food to the neighborhood since 1998. The Wild Oat serves Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee from Clayton, ON. Fluid Solar Coffee is an environmentally-sustainable coffee roaster, using small-batch coffee, compostable coffee bags and eliminating waste streams. These environmental concerns are echoed at the Wild Oat with their commitment to growing their own ingredients and making everything from scratch. Click here to visit them online.