7 ways to beat a heatwave in the Glebe

June 26, 2018 | by glebeadmin

You’ll need more than just sunscreen.

With temperatures expected to soar well above 30 degrees this weekend, including a 36-degree scorcher on Canada Day, you may be looking for ways to stay cool in the Glebe. Aside from leaping straight into the Rideau Canal fully clothed, the Glebe has got you covered with a number of activities to either keep you in the shade, or keep you cool under the sweltering sun.

Here are 7 ways to beat a heatwave in the Glebe:

Splash around


If you’re looking to keep the kids happy and cool, head over to Lansdowne and let them run through the Water Plaza, just beside the Great Lawn. The kids can run through the spraying fountains, then dry off at the playground. Rinse, play, repeat.

Hit the beach at Playa del Popsical

If you can’t actually make it to the beach, make the beach come to you. At Playa del Popsical, you can slurp down a delicious homemade popsicle, while digging your feet into the hot sand below. You’ll think you’re at a Mexican popsicle stand right here in the Glebe.  Vamos a la Playa del Popsical!

Ice cream, we all scream


There’s nothing better than a frozen cone of goodness on a hot day. Head to The Marble Slab and order up your frozen creation just the way you like it. Or, you can hit up Pure Gelato for a scoop of fresh, authentic Italian gelato and get that brain freeze going immediately.

Pick a flick

If it’s way to hot to be outside, head for refuge inside – and why not be entertained at the same time? Cineplex Cinemas at Lansdowne has matinee showtimes throughout the summer, with movies like Incredibles 2, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Ocean’s 8 all playing this week. Click here for showtimes.

Patio drinks


What tastes better than a cold beer? A cold beer on a patio, on a hot day! The Glebe is bursting with summer patio vibes from throughout Bank Street to Lansdowne Park. Whether you’re looking for a spicy Caesar, a craft brew or a classy martini, you’ll find a spot to sit and chill. Cheers!

Read between the vines

"While the Glebe is a buzzing neighbourhood with plenty of activities to take in, there are also scores of tranquil spots to just sit, take in nature and read a good book. You’ve got a pick of parks to choose from in the Glebe – everywhere from around the Rideau Canal and Central Park to Brown’s inlet and the many green nooks you can slip away to.

Take a shady break


If you’ve been trekking throughout the Glebe on a hot day, why not just stop and take a much-needed rest from your busy day. Sit down at one of our Glebe side street parklets on Second and Third Avenue and watch the busy world stroll past you. Sip an iced coffee and reflect on your day, plan your next move, or play a game of chess with a mate.

So, if you don’t want to sit in a kiddie pool filled with ice water to beat the heat, just head to the Glebe and you’ll find plenty of ways to stay cool and have fun.