2020 Virtual Marvest – 15 Episodes of free local music

Welcome to the 2020 virtual edition of Marvest.

Typically around this time of year, the Glebe would be packed to the brim with concertgoers spilling onto Bank Street from CityFolk taking in the scores of free local concerts in bars, restaurants, hair salons and clothing shops for Marvest. As you know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t do that this year.

But we’ve got a special treat for you this year. Marvest is going virtual this year. Fifteen bands, seven weeks, one click. And you can take it all in from your living room.

So turn it up to 11. This is Marvest. Watch the concerts below, or via the CityFolk website here.

Presented by:

Stomping Ground

Local Public Eatery

Marvest goes a bit country with a compelling performance by the North Woods, Ottawa’s rock-folk-country trio comprised of Dave Morrow, Sunil Achia and Shelley Worsley. Blending folk with alt-country and dusty rock draws out a unique sound that is hard to ignore. Not quite country, not full rock and a bit deeper than folk, the North Woods have a truly unique sound.

Presented by:


Mad Radish

Ottawa singer-songwriter Dan Kelly, graduate of Algonquin College’s Music Industry Arts Program, has been touring the east coast for the past several years, bringing his soft croon and signature picking to stages in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. Now, he brings that same sweet sound to your living room for the virtual edition of Marvest.

Presented by:

Silver Scissors Salon


Tara Shannon knows how to connect with her audiences and it’s not just through her music. It’s through the stories she weaves through her sonic voice. They’re tales that listeners can connect with, relate to and understand. The multi-award-winning artists is an important name in the Canadian sonic landscape and we’re thrilled to have her as a part of Marvest this year.

Presented by:

Purple Urchin Soap Co.

Sen Asian Kitchen


When Jumpin’ Joel Flash says they don’t take themselves too seriously, they truly mean it. The indie folk/musical theatre/rock opera trio will be hitting it all at Marvest this year, with their bouncy rhythms, happy harmonies and hilarious antics that will have you singing, laughing, and dancing along. Let’s stomp it out with Jumpin’ Joel Flash right here at Marvest.



Presented by:

Crust and Crate

Studio B Urban Hair

Grab the kids and pack the living room for a fun, dance-a-long concert with Monkey Rock Music. Sing along to the fun, entertaining and interactive sounds that will get your whole family rocking out to this fun-filled jam. Monkey Rock Music is ready to rock!



Presented by:

Jack Astor’s

Whole Health Pharmacy

Mia Kelly burst onto the scene with her impressive range, heart-breaking croon and her showstopping voice that sounds like a mix of a young Joni Mitchell and Florence Welch. Expect big things from this artist and remember that you saw her here first, at Marvest.


Presented by:

Eldon’s Restaurant

Plush Beauty Lounge

The Crystalena trio is no stranger to Marvest, having jammed out at multiple venues during the fest in 2018, this dark alt rock band wowed audiences with their cerebral tunes reminiscent of 90s garage bands like garbage and the Cranberries. Turn this one up loud and let Crystalena take you on a sonic trip through the grungy alternative.


MARVEST EPISODE 8: Jeff and the Falcons

Presented by:

Craft Beer Market
Octopus Books

If you’ve been following Ottawa music scene over the past five years, chances are you’ve heard the name Jeff deValk. The guitarist, singer, band leader and vinyl DJ has been painting Ottawa with his sonic paintbrush that touches on rock, soul and everything in between. When he’s not playing in his seven-piece soul band the Hornettes, Jeff can be found rocking out solo, or with his Falcons trio, which is what we get at Marvest. It’s time to get down with Jeff and the Falcons.


MARVEST EPISODE 7: Jonathan Pearce of Winchester Warm
Presented by:

Whole Foods Market
Wild Oat Bakery, Café & Farm

Tonight we bring you a special solo performance from Jonathan Peace of Winchester Warm. Jonathan brings his experimental flare and crafty guitar work to the stage for a sonic night in. Enjoy the show.

Presented by:

GoldArt Jewellery Studio

Hopper is one of the region’s most exciting indie rock outfits with their raw, catchy tunes that have a bit of grit as well as a refined, indie rock polish. Think Modest Mouse meets Young Empires. These energetic rockers will bring it down tonight for a stripped-down acoustic jam.

Presented by:

107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar
Capital Barbershop

Neha brings her hazy croon and soulful folksy guitar work to our stage for a warm night in at Marvest. Compelling lyrics, thoughtful songwriting and catchy vibes will have you buzzing along. Cozy up and enjoy the show.


Presented by:

BMO at Lansdowne
Glebe Central Pub

If you’re a fan of funk fusion, then you know just how cool The Lionyls are. This four-piece rock and funk band do it all: play, sing, dance and bring the funk. Silky lyrics, buttery baselines and deafening horns are on deck for Marvest 2020. Let’s party.


Presented by:

The Unrefined Olive
Kunstadt Sports

Those of you who attended Marvest in 2017 may remember Chris Page, the compelling front man for Expanda Fuzz who rocked the Clocktower into oblivion. Chris is back with a solo performance, bringing his cosmic vibe to the stage for an evening of Americana-style songs. Enjoy this special performance by Chris Page at Marvest!


Presented by:

Metro Music
The Clocktower Brew Pub

Children of Indigo craft calm, compelling folk music with thoughtful lyrics layered seamlessly over comforting, complex string work. Their deep sound can be compared to that of Emmy-Lou Harris with a sprinkle of Neil Young.


Presented by:
Irene’s Pub
The Papery

Ottawa singer-songwriter Andrew Waines burst onto the scene with his crafty covers of pop songs from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes. Waines is now writing his own tunes and recorded his first track “Loving Carefully” in Nashville in 2017. The singer-songwriter now has a suite of original tunes that touch on pop, soul and R&B.

Marvest goes virtual with 15 online concerts to stream at home


We may not be able to all pack into Irene’s Pub or The Papery to catch one of the region’s most exciting up and coming bands this fall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Ottawa’s awesome music scene.

Around this time of year the Glebe would typically be packed to the brim with concertgoers spilling onto Bank Street from CityFolk taking in the scores of free local concerts in bars, restaurants, hair salons and clothing shops for Marvest. As you know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t do that this year.

But we’ve got a special treat for you this year. Marvest is going virtual this year.

Fifteen bands, seven weeks, one click. And you can take it all in from your living room.

The free virtual concert series will feature more than a dozen of the region’s most exciting bands, with everything from folk to funk and R&B to rock. Musical theatre, interactive children’s music and compelling singer-songwriter sessions are on deck for the festival this year.

Adapting a live festival to a virtual one during a pandemic was certainly a challenge, but one that was all worth it, says CityFolk Programming Coordinator Emma Francis.

“It was very important for us to maintain the event, even if it meant adapting creatively to these strange and trying circumstances,” she says. “It also continues to be a space to showcase emerging Ottawa musicians, as well as more established musicians interested in a one-of-a-kind performance opportunity.

The concerts will air every Wednesday and Friday at noon on the CityFolk website here. So pack your living room, turn your home theatre speakers up to 11 and tune in every week. This is Marvest.

2020 Virtual Marvest Schedule

Wed, Oct. 14 – Andrew Waines

Fri, Oct. 16 – Children of Indigo

Wed, Oct. 21 – Chris Page

Fri, Oct. 23 – The Lionyls

Wed, Oct. 28 – Neha Sin

Fri, Oct. 30 – Hopper

Wed, Nov. 4 – Jonathan Pearce of Winchester Warm

Fri, Nov. 6 – Jeff & the Falcons

Wed, Nov. 11 – Crystalena

Fri, Nov. 13 – Mia Kelly

Wed, Nov. 18 – Monkey Rock Music

Fri, Nov. 20 – Jumpin’ Joel Flash

Mon, Nov. 23 – Tara Shannon

Wed, Nov. 25 – Dan Kelly

Fri, Nov. 27 – The North Woods

Marvest will have you bouncing along Bank Street for free live concerts


Close to 80 local bands are set to take over the Glebe for two days of free live music Sept. 13-14 as Marvest celebrates its fifth anniversary in the neighbourhood.

The CityFolk off shoot festival is bigger and better than it ever has been, with a whopping 79 bands set to transform 28 venues into premiere music venues for the weekend. Think hair salons, toy stores, restaurants, bars, pubs and everything in between. All of Bank Street will be bursting with live tunes all weekend long. Once big name headliners like Leon Bridges close out the festival, music heads can keep the party all along Bank Street with shows beginning as late as 11 p.m. at some area bars. This year’s lineup is as solid as it ever has been with the likes of the Tackies, Amos the Transparent and Harea Band headlining nights throughout the neighbourhood.

To make it easy for you, we’ve whipped up a schedule by day, time and venue for you to easily navigate your way to some awesome tunes. And new this year is the Magic Marvest Bus that will take festivalgoers throughout the Glebe from venue to venue with live music on board, courtesy of songwriters Dylan Holton, Colin Wylie and Krista Hartman. Read the full schedule below or visit Marvest online here.


4 pm: BMO – The Rifle & The Writer

6 pm: Whole Health Pharmacy – Alison Rose

6:30 pm: The Papery – Tulips & Devilships

7 pm: Collabo Café – DJ ROZ

8 pm: Collabo Café – VIBEBYMELO

7:15 pm: Whole Health Pharmacy – Tulips & Devilships

7:30 pm: The Papery – Alison Rose

8 pm – 10 pm: Magic Marvest Bus – Dylan Holton

9 pm: Collabo Café – Townes

9 pm: The Cabana’s Kitchen – Jessica Wedden

9 pm: Crust & Crate – Jonathan Pearce

9:30 pm: Bowman’s on Bank – Five + None

9 :30 pm: The Clocktower – The Tackies

9:30 pm: Craft Beer Market – Maple Grove

9:30 pm: Jack Astor’s – YVON LEROUX

10 pm: The Cabana’s Kitchen – Anna Ludlow

10 pm: Collabo Café – Valois

10 pm: Crust & Crate – Mushy Gushy

10:30 pm: The Clocktower – Siberian Breaks

10:30 pm: 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar – Graven

10:30 pm: Bowman’s on Bank – Fools of Love

10:30 pm: Craft Beer Market – Havelin

10:30 pm: Irene’s Pub – MACK & BEN

10:30 pm: Jack Astor’s – Jack Pine and the Fire

11 pm: Crust & Crate – Jon Hynes

10:30 pm: Eldon’s – Sara-Danielle

11:30 pm: Jack Astor’s – Tyler Kealey Band

11:30 pm: Irene’s Pub – Mackenzie Rhythm Section

11:30 pm: Craft Beer Market – Harea Band

11:30 pm: The Clocktower – High Waters

11:30 pm: Bowman’s on Bank – John Allaire and the Fi-Delities


12:45 pm: BMO at Lansdowne – Crystalena

1 pm: Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s – Sing Song Party Time

1 pm: Silver Scissors Salon – Pimienta Blanca

1 pm: Kunstadt Sports – David James Allen

1 pm: Fourth Ave Baptist Church – Eleni Mandell: Songwriting 101

1-4 pm: Magic Marvest Bus – Colin Wylie

1:15 pm: Sen Asian Cuisine – Jillian Kerr

1:30 pm: Capital Barber Shop – JFUN

1:30 pm: Plush Beauty Lounge – Amy-Lynn Howson

1:30 pm: BMO at Lansdowne – Bruce Enloe

1:45 pm: Collabo Café – KONAH

1:45 pm: Purple Urchin – Sophie D’Orléans

2 pm: Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s – Sing Song Party Time

2 pm: Metro Music – Kate Weekes

2 pm: Banditos – Alexandra Sullivan

2 pm: Cabana’s Kitchen – Almyr Jules

2 pm: GNAG – What’s in the Song Showcase – Hosted by Jamaal Jackson-Rogers

2 pm: Silver Scissors Salon – Pimienta Blanca

2 pm: The Element High School – Fonts

2:15 pm: Sen Asian Cuisine – Crystalena

4 pm: The Papery – Kate Weekes

5 pm: The Papery – Spencer Scharf

2:15 pm: Whole Health Pharmacy – Amy-Lynn Howson

3:15 pm: Whole Health Pharmacy – Spencer Scharf

2:15 pm: Goldart Jewellery Studio – Cee Lawrence

2:15 pm: 107 Fourth Ave Wine Bar – Rory Taillon

2:30 pm: Bowman’s on Bank – David James Allen

2:30 pm: Kunstadt Sports – susan o

2:30 pm: Crust & Crate – Patrick Rock

2:45 pm: Collabo Café – Almyr Jules

2:45 pm: Purple Urchin – Alexandra Sullivan

2:45 pm: Plush Beauty Lounge – Jillian Kerr

3 pm: Metro Music – Cee Lawrence

3 pm: Fourth Ave Baptist Church – Tom Wilson: Beautiful Scars Literary Recital

3 pm: Cabana’s Kitchen – Bruce Enloe

3 pm: Banditos – KONAH

3:15 pm: Goldart Jewellery Studio – susan o

3:15 pm: 107 Fourth Ave Wine Bar – David James Allen

3:15 pm: Eldon’s – Rory Taillon

4:15 pm: Eldon’s – Sophie D’Orléans

5 pm: Fourth Ave Baptist Church – SNRK: Identity and Process in 3 Albums

7 pm: Fourth Ave Baptist Church – Sparklesaurus

8-11 pm: Magic Marvest Bus – Krista Hartman

8 pm: Fourth Ave Baptist Church – Triples

9 pm: Fourth Ave Baptist Church – Luna Li

9 pm: Cabana’s Kitchen – Champagne Sundays

9 pm: Collabo Café – Colin Wylie

9 pm: Banditos – Patrick Rock

9:30 pm: Bowman’s on Bank – Piper & Carson

9:30 pm: Irene’s Pub – Li’l Andy

10 pm: Cabana’s Kitchen – Dirty Sheep

10 pm: Collabo Café – The Pale Light

10 pm: Crust & Crate – Tiny Cars

10 pm: Banditos – The “Self-Help” Club

10:15 pm: Pints & Quarts – Paolo Stante Band

10:30 pm: Craft Beer Market – Good Advice

10:30 pm: 107 Fourth Ave Wine Bar – DANA SIPOS

10:30 pm: Bowman’s on Bank – Chris Zimmerman & the Weather

10:30 pm: The Clocktower – Angelina Hunter Trio

10:30 pm: Irene’s Pub – Amos the Transparent

11 pm: Crust & Crate – Brian Asselin Duo

11:15 pm: Jack Astor’s – cicaeda

11:15 pm: Pints & Quarts – Jamie Douglas & the Powergoats

11:30 p.m. Bowman’s on Bank – Trevor Alguire

11:30 pm: The Clocktower – Lyle Odjick & the Northern Steam

11:30 pm: Craft Beer Market – DRAE

10:30 pm: Eldon’s – Isaac Vallentin

11:30 pm: Irene’s Pub – Mayhemingways


Marvest lineup a mix of familiar faces, new blood and fresh venues


The lineup for Marvest has got some familiar faces, some new blood and some Ottawa music scene vets who will no doubt put on a serious show along Bank Street Sept. 13-14.

A whopping 79 local bands are set to descend on pubs, hair salons, restaurants, banks and small ma and pa shops for a two-day sonic fete in the Glebe. Marvest vets like Harea Band, Grace Marr and the Tackies lead the pack with other notables Li’l Andy, Amos the Transparent and JFUN rounding out the stacked bill.

“Marvest was created to highlight the local Ottawa music scene,” says CityFolk Executive & Artistic Director Mark Monahan. “The CityFolk/Marvest artistic team considers many of these local artists Ottawa’s hidden gems. Please come out and support the amazing talent we have here in Ottawa!”

A total of 28 businesses are set to transform into live music venues for two days – places like Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s, Capital Barbershop, Purple Urchin Soap and more will host everything from rock and folk to singer-songwriter showcases throughout the weekend. This year’s edition features some staple venues like Irene’s Pub, Banditos and Craft Beer Market, along with brand new spots including Sen Asian Cuisine, The Cabana’s Kitchen, Eldon’s, Goldart Jewellery, Studio B Urban Modern Hair, Collabo Café, The Glebe Community Centre, Whole Health Pharmacy, Plush Beauty Lounge, Bowman’s on Bank,  and Silver Scissors Salon.

Those looking to continue the party after CityFolk Headliners Robert Plant and Leon Bridges close out the festival can hop aboard the Glebe’s own Magic Marvest Bus – a half convertible tourist bus that will take music fans on a loop through the Glebe, with stops at multiple venues along Bank Street. Get on and off the bus at Lansdowne Park, Third Avenue and Isabella Street. You may just discover a new emerging singer-songwriter, as the bus will double as a live venue Friday and Saturday night.

"“We’re thrilled with the addition of the Magic Marvest Bus and our partnership with Lady Dive Tours. This will bring a brand new way to take in music during the festival,” says Glebe BIA Executive Director Andrew Peck. “Hop on the bus, experience live music and tour the neighbourhood at the same time!”

Marvest kicks off Friday Sept. 13 at Whole Health Pharmacy where Alison Rose brings her folksy pop rock to the Bank Street shop at 6 p.m. Folk duo Tulips and Devilships take over at 7:15 p.m.

From there, Marvest moves around the Glebe, with a handful of shows at The Papery, The Cabana’s Kitchen and The 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar before Trevor Alguire bring his unique blend of bluegrass and Alberta country to Bowman’s on Bank at 11:30 p.m.

Saturday is for the families, as Sing Song Party Time with Derek McKinley takes over Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s for two back-to-back shows at 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. Enjoy hilarious music that will get the kids up dancing and taking part in this interactive family show.

Local DJ JFUN will kick up the beats at Capital Barbershop at 1:30 p.m. before Bruce Enloe brings his crafty song writing skills to The Cabana’s Kitchen at 3 p.m. The music continues throughout the day Saturday with shows at Crust and Crate, Sen Asian, BMO Lansdowne, Jack Astor’s, The Clocktower, Pints & Quarts and Kunstadt Sports.

The Fourth Avenue Baptist Church will be home to a song writing showcase all day Saturday from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m. The program features Song writing 101 with Eleni Mande, Tom Wilson’s Beautiful Scars literary recital and Identity and Process in Three Albums with SNRK.

Marvest runs Friday Sept. 13 and Saturday Sept. 14 in the Glebe. Click here for a full festival lineup and schedule.


More bands, more venues, more Marvest


Local music showcase to transform the Glebe into sonic playground in September

The fifth edition of Marvest is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet, with more bands set to play in more venues than ever before during the Glebe’s local music showcase September 13-14.

Marvest, which runs alongside the city’s beloved CityFolk festival at Lansdowne Park, has ballooned from 13 venues in 2015 to a whopping 27 this year, with more than 70 local artists set to transform hair salons, banks, boutique shops and trendy restaurants into musical hot spots for the weekend. Marvest Program Coordinator Emma Francis says the quaint, rustic charm of the Glebe gives the festival a special vibe that is impossible to replicate anywhere else.

“With the variety of restaurants, shops and festivities in the Glebe, there truly is something for everyone, kind of like Marvest,” says Francis, adding that every Marvest show is completely free.

“Marvest programs every genre – from the blues to experimental, folk to funk, rock to hip-hop and everything in-between. There are showcases in hair salons, pubs, toy stores, cafes, pharmacies, banks – you name it. It is the local spirit of the Glebe in tandem with the support of the Glebe BIA that truly champions Marvest.”


Since its inception five years ago, Marvest has hosted more than 300 artists and over 400 performances in the Glebe – which not only speaks to the thriving music scene in Ottawa, but the neighbourhood’s dedication to local art. More than 25,000 music fans flooded Bank Street during last year’s festival, packing area establishments to the brim for family-friendly shows during the day and lively performances in local bars and restaurants at night. Part of Marvest’s charm is that it expands the festival footprint throughout the entire neighbourhood, making for a weekend of non-stop music. So, when big headliners Leon Bridges and Robert Plant drop the mic, the party doesn’t stop; Festivalgoers can wander into any number of other spaces to get a glimpse of Ottawa’s burgeoning music scene.

“Marvest celebrates curiosity,” adds Francis. “As a patron, you are part of a crowd wandering from venue-to-venue discovering new music, new performers and new places. Perhaps you walked into one of your favourite restaurants or shops in the Glebe, only to discover a new local artist. Perhaps you went to see one of your favourite local performers during Marvest, only to discover an interesting new dining experience or boutique in the process.”

New this year, be sure to hop on the Magic Marvest Bus – a funky open-air tour bus with live music on board, carrying the sounds of Marvest throughout the Glebe.

This year’s festival includes an impressive nine new venues along Bank Street and at Lansdowne. Get a fresh ‘do at Silver Scissors Salon while listening to the soothing sounds of a guitar. Enjoy being serenaded by a talented singer-songwriter while getting your nails done at Plush Beauty Lounge or groove to the beat of the drums while sharing a fresh-from-the-oven pizza from Crust & Crate with friends. This is the spirit of Marvest.

“Marvest is one of those made-in-Ottawa initiatives that make up the fabric of our great city. It brings people together in celebration of great local music,” says Glebe BIA Programming Manager Dana Thibeault.

“We are excited that even more people can experience this one-of-a-kind festival with the new Flora Footbridge connecting us with our neighbours in Old Ottawa East. Everyone is invited to come on down and see what it’s all about.”

Marvest runs September 14-15 with live shows Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. Visit www.cityfolk.com/marvest for the full lineup on August 28, 2019.