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Osteopathic manual practitioners treat more than you think. They focus on how your skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulatory system, connective tissue, fascia, and organs function as a whole body unit.


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Michel Favre’s background includes a baccalaureate in Administration and studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine performed in Paris and in Beijing at the Guan An Men Hospital in the early 90′s. It also includes around 1000 hours of study in massage techniques including Swedish and Californian massage. Lymphatic Drainage. Trager and Fascia Biorhythm techniques and more than 9 years of practice as an RMT in Québec. He is also performing energy work with La Trame He recently completed five years of study in osteopathy at the Ecole Professionelle des Osteopathes du Québec (EPOQ) and as a member of CPOQ can issue osteopathic Insurance receipts. He works in the Glebe Ottawa. Osteopathic Manual Practitioners complete a rigorous program of clinical and academic study in osteopathic manipulation. They treat patients using manual techniques only. They do not use drugs, medication, surgery or other medical procedures.